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The Oracle of Omaha pulls further ahead in his bet that index funds beat hedge funds—and blasts high-fee managers in his annual letter. [Read More]
In his annual letter to shareholders, Buffett detailed how he shook up his investment portfolio in 2016, for the first time in years. [Read More]
Buffett, in his annual letter to shareholders, says immigration is one of the factors that has made America so successful. [Read More]
As he takes on his new role as National Security Advisor, his first and most obvious task is to build a relationship with the President. [Read More]
He changed a portion of his annual letter for the first time in 34 years. [Read More]
Tide of foreigners into the country is what has made America great, Buffett says. [Read More]
The Oracle pulls further ahead in his bet—and blasts high-fee managers in his annual letter. [Read More]
Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster has three big challenges. [Read More]
 ... [Read More]
Danielle Bregoli's now getting huge paydays for showing up at events and just being herself. [Read More]
Beyonce's Coachella cancellation didn't cause resale prices to plummet. [Read More]
Dana White says no progress has been made on the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather megafight. [Read More]
Ron Howard's super disappointed by Trump and company ... but he sees a solution. [Read More]
2 Chainz was so pissed after his restaurant bombed with the health dept, he fired 5 rookie managers. [Read More]
Wrestling legend Kurt Angle has nothing but praise for Linda McMahon joining Donald Trump's cabinet. [Read More]
The Magic Castle shut down to the public Friday evening after the body of a magician was found in a closet ... and it appears... [Read More]
UFC badass Valentina Shevchenko says Amanda Nunes is straight-up SCARED to fight her. [Read More]
Ex-porn star turned sports blogger Mia Khalifa says Jameis Winston isn't sexist, he's just not super bright. [Read More]
These ripped stars are bustin' out to give you a taste of their best asset ... cut through the shredded shots and see if you... [Read More]
Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus were spotted back after out of town trip... [Read More]