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Bills passed out of the House now go to the Senate for consideration. ... [Read More]
Thursday was not only a day off from school, but Thinking Day for the GSA, also being honored with an International Fair. [Read More]
How to know when video games move from passion - to problem... [Read More]
Both Washburn and Emporia State basketball were swept in their road games on Thursday night. [Read More]
Jordan Hawman from Jefferson West High School is our Scholar Athlete of the Week. [Read More]
"How do we change that image that Topeka is a safe place, it is a good place to raise a family, it is a good... [Read More]
After going viral in for his rap video last year, a local school resource officer is showing off his skills again. [Read More]
Topeka police say they'll be having a second class next Thursday. [Read More]
Dr. Noble says he is working at engaging the school as a whole to change the culture. [Read More]
Icy roads remain possible through Friday morning... [Read More]
The Topeka Police Dept. hosted a church leader training session on how to respond in emergency situations, like an active shooter. [Read More]
A Kansas Senator is backing a suggestion from President Donald Trump to up the age for buying certain firearms, but people are divided over another... [Read More]
The consultant appearing before the Kansas Legislature on Friday to shape answers to a Kansas Supreme Court order striking down the state's unconstitutional system of... [Read More]
As a kid, 18-year-old Lina Saulters tried every sport under the sun, but in the ring at Topeka Golden Gloves she says she's found her... [Read More]
One of the people who's advising President Trump in the wake of the Florida school shooting is Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and he... [Read More]
Under the bill, anyone who makes a false alarm, or swatting call that results in death or extreme injury would face a level one felony. [Read More]
They're still out now - adding extra layers of salt and pushing back slush. [Read More]
"This is about kid's safety" [Read More]
Dodge City Community College students Itzel Moya Perez and Iram Gonzalez were honored with academic accomplishments Feb. 15 in Topeka during the 23rd annual Kansas... [Read More]
A study featured in March's issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings shows kidney stones are on the rise. [Read More]