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New York Representative Lee Zeldin has introduced a bill in the House that would allow U.S. authorities to revoke criminal immigrant gang members American citizenship..02/22/2018... [Read More]
Columbine Survivor Introduces Bill To Permit Concealed Carry In Schools - Matt Vespa: Patrick Neville has experience a school shooting. In fact, he .02/21/2018... [Read More]
Skewed priorities?.02/22/2018 0:00:38AM EST. [Read More]
Fake News: Yeah, That 20-Year-Old Was Not Able To Buy An AR-15 In Five Minutes - Matt Vespa: The article is two years old,... [Read More]
Areas of San Francisco are strewn with filth, including human excrement and drug needles according to NBC Bay Area..02/21/2018 19:56:55PM EST. [Read More]
LGBT ideologues had no intention of stopping with the legal sanction of marriage. .02/21/2018 19:59:32PM EST. [Read More]
Forcing people to pay for what we don't want is tyranny..02/21/2018 19:58:51PM EST. [Read More]
Character assassination means never having to say you're sorry..02/21/2018 19:59:37PM EST. [Read More]
It happened in the midst of America's 2012 election year. .02/21/2018 20:00:21PM EST. [Read More]
Its tax season again. .02/21/2018 20:00:25PM EST. [Read More]
Limit the smartphones..02/21/2018 20:00:27PM EST. [Read More]
Texas School District Tells Students: If You Walk Out For a Political Protest, We'll Suspend You - Katie Pavlich: Thousands of high school students... [Read More]
Impeachment?.02/21/2018 20:00:15PM EST. [Read More]
A Twitter uproar has ensued...again. .02/21/2018 20:00:32PM EST. [Read More]
Shooting survivor David Hogg speaks out on the gun control debate after horrific shooting..02/21/2018 19:58:01PM EST. [Read More]
The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) is considering new policies that allow school officials to help students change their race and gender identities without consulting... [Read More]
When House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco described the bonuses received by millions of hardworking Americans as crumbs, it was the perfect illustration... [Read More]
Not good messaging. .02/21/2018 20:00:43PM EST. [Read More]
Again, she has not personally examined the president. .02/21/2018 20:03:27PM EST. [Read More]
Here Are Some Of The Candidates Former Ambassador John Bolton Is Endorsing For The 2018 Midterms - Matt Vespa: It's here. The 2018 midterms... [Read More]