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Comey's Latest Testimony Was Such a Trainwreck, He's Been Called Back for More - Katie Pavlich: Over the weekend the House Oversight and Judiciary... [Read More]
Comey: If Trump Weren't President He'd Be in 'Serious Jeopardy of Being Charged' - Leah Barkoukis: President Trump is "certainly close" to being an... [Read More]
Why This Is an Important Week for the Fate of Brexit - Cortney O'Brien: It's an "important week" for the fate of Brexit, according... [Read More]
Corsi Sues Mueller Over Alleged Leaks, Unconstitutional Surveillance - Leah Barkoukis: Conservative writer Jerome Corsi filed a lawsuit against special counsel .12/10/2018 8:19:23AM EST. [Read More]
A Birthday Behind Bars - Marina Medvin: "If you can have a birthday wish come true, what .12/10/2018 2:12:17AM EST. [Read More]
Im glad President Trump picked him above all the other sexier potential picks for the slot..12/10/2018 2:10:27AM EST. [Read More]
Mitch McConnell: Get Up Off Your Butt and Pass the President's Prison Reform Bill - Pastor Darrell Scott : Leader McConnell,Since your office has neglected... [Read More]
Mueller's Flynn Sentencing Memo Is Another Dud for the Resistance - Joe DiGenova: How many times in the last year and a half .12/10/2018 2:08:00AM... [Read More]
Americans, Learn From The Yellow Jackets: Stop Running And Start Fighting Back - Arthur Schaper : In France, the Yellow Jackets (or "Gilets Jaunes"... [Read More]
The left has a bad habit of labeling conservatives racist merely for being politically incorrect. Whereas when someone on the left actually is racist, they... [Read More]
Even though France is currently experiencing demonstrations and riots on a scale that hasnt been seen since at least the historic year of 1968, weve... [Read More]
Today, liberals, Leftists and the biased media justify all sorts of bad behavior under the cloak of the Constitution..12/10/2018 2:10:24AM EST. [Read More]
Ryan has done such a poor job that it has become impossible for even the paid sycophants of Conservative Inc. to whitewash his record..12/10/2018 2:08:18AM... [Read More]
Vive La French Revolution 2.0 – And Our Own! - Kurt Schlichter: Yeah, I know conservatives are not supposed to be excited .12/10/2018 0:39:20AM... [Read More]
Hmm..12/09/2018 23:43:12PM EST. [Read More]
Hit List: Nick Cannon Finds The Hollywood Left's Dirty Laundry... It's Pretty Homophobic Too - Matt Vespa: The social justice warrior Twitter police are on... [Read More]
Huh..12/09/2018 20:29:36PM EST. [Read More]
A shakeup. .12/09/2018 17:51:48PM EST. [Read More]
Uh oh..12/09/2018 17:55:34PM EST. [Read More]
With Virginia Becoming A Total Blue State, A Familiar Anti-Gun Face Says He's Running For Governor In 2021 - Matt Vespa: For Republicans in Virginia,... [Read More]
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