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Agricultural pollution is contaminating drinking water supplies for millions of Americans with potentially dangerous chemicals, says a new report. Environmental groups blame the meat industry,... [Read More]
Along strict party lines, the Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday night voted to pass a sweeping budget measure -- one criticized as both "despicable" and "horrific"... [Read More]
Officially, the United States ended debtors' prisons in 1833. Unofficially, as we saw in the Justice Department's report on racially biased policing in Ferguson, there... [Read More]
In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico, an obscure law governing maritime commerce has grabbed national headlines: The Merchant... [Read More]
A helicopter prepares to drop water on a fire that threatens the Oakmont community along Highway 12 in Santa Rosa on October 13, 2017. Early... [Read More]
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speaks to members of the White House press corps during a daily briefing at the James Brady Press Briefing Room of... [Read More]
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Guantánamo Bay detainees who are on hunger strike have accused officials of a sudden change in practice that could result in them starving to death,... [Read More]
We need a mass anti-fascist movement to unseat Breitbart. [Read More]
President Trump's latest attempt to bar some citizens of eight Muslim majority countries from entering the US suffers a second defeat, as another federal judge... [Read More]
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Trump could shift the focus from public health to the prison cell. [Read More]
The DC Circuit has unique oversight power. [Read More]
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