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Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking was days from death, but that didn't stop him working. [Read More]
October 5, 2018... [Read More]
Nearly 800 dietary supplements sold over the counter from 2007 through 2016 contained unapproved drug ingredients, a new analysis of US Food and Drug Administration... [Read More]
By Laura Eley and Zach Wade, CNN... [Read More]
Brexit will deprive Europe of one of its most dynamic economies, writes Eurasia Group Founder Ian Bremmer. [Read More]
You see your phone light up from the corner of your eye and instinctively reach for it. What started as a simple notification check snowballs... [Read More]
Recently released American pastor Andrew Brunson will join President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Saturday, the President tweeted, adding there was "NO DEAL... [Read More]
Almost 30 million Facebook users' phone numbers and email addresses were accessed by hackers in the biggest security breach in the company's history, Facebook said... [Read More]
Jo Grayson said she was alarmed when her son, Thatcher, came home from his middle school covered in cuts and bruises. [Read More]
President Donald Trump vowed in a "60 Minutes" interview that the United States would get to the bottom of what happened to a missing Saudi journalist and... [Read More]
Jared Kushner, whose net worth is nearly $324 million, appears to have paid almost no income taxes from 2009 to 2016, The New York Times... [Read More]
President Trump met with pastor Andrew Brunson, who was freed after being held in Turkey for two years. Brunson was arrested in 2016 and accused... [Read More]
First lady Melania Trump said that she has "much more important things" to focus on than the alleged infidelities of her husband, President Donald Trump.... [Read More]
CNN's Becky Anderson explains why it is unlikely that there is a recording of the alleged killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi may have been... [Read More]
Experts have dismissed claims that a recording of the alleged killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi may have been transmitted using his Apple Watch. [Read More]
American pastor Andrew Brunson thanked President Trump for the administration's work to free him from a Turkish prison during an Oval Office news conference Saturday... [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr. retweeted an unsubstantiated claim insinuating missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is a terrorism sympathizer -- a move that comes as the administration... [Read More]
Pastor Andrew Brunson prays for President Donald Trump during a meeting at the White House after Brunson was released from Turkish custody. [Read More]
An autopsy report released on Trevor Heitmann, the teenager known as "McSkillet" on YouTube, is revealing details about what happened before he crashed his vehicle... [Read More]
Saudi Arabia faced growing isolation Saturday as global businesses pulled out of a high-profile investment summit amid a deepening mystery over the fate of missing... [Read More]