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Researchers at the University of South Carolina (USC) are developing a novel approach to predict the presence of aflatoxin in US crop fields before harvest.... [Read More]
Many livestock farmers, including goat producers, are located in remote or mountainous areas, and veterinarians are not nearby when livestock become ill. Goats are notorious... [Read More]
Fire season is now about two months longer than it was in the 1970s. Before summer even begins, forests are primed for large fires that... [Read More]
Citrus greening (CG) disease was responsible for the loss of nearly half a million tons of citrus in the United States in 2017. CG is... [Read More]
FATUS fiscal year... [Read More]
She leans over her dead subject and deftly pushes a pin through its body, securing it to the foam below. To be clear, this is... [Read More]
December is filled with holiday observances and family gatherings, many highlighted by a seasonal feast. While the centerpiece for these feasts is as diverse as... [Read More]
Economic development and public finance decisions, especially in rural areas with fewer committed resources, may be based on assumptions, fears, and antiquated information. Extension's applied... [Read More]
The holidays are here, which means plenty of gatherings with family, friends and food! These get-togethers are usually fun-filled with catching up, laughter and occasional... [Read More]
Stakeholder input generally surrounded a need to increase both the funding for and number of new graduate students (master and doctoral levels) within the food... [Read More]
Participants at the HACU Capitol Forum Presentation and Constituent asked about the program timelines and research and extension funds. [Read More]
This document highlights stakeholder feedback received from the 1890 Association of Extension Administrators (AEA) and 1890 Association of Research Directors (ARD) Joint Winter Meeting in... [Read More]
Start Smart With Breakfast. Showing students why eating a healthy breakfast is important, and providing quick, easy, and budget-friendly breakfast ideas. [Read More]
Every year the USDA Forest Service hosts a Fall Colors webpage full of useful information about where and when to see fall colors in your... [Read More]
The CACFP Halftime: Thirty on Thursdays webinar series is a set of monthly interactive, skills-building webinars that focus on hot topics related to the updated... [Read More]
The Glacial Lake Cranberries farm, located in Cranmoor, Wisconsin, has been in Mary Brown's family since 1923. Her 6,000 acres consists of 330 acres of... [Read More]
A system designed to protect citrus trees from the deadly greening disease withstood the ravaging winds of Hurricane Irma last year, University of Florida (UF)... [Read More]
This Program Area Priority examines the interrelationship of natural resources and the environment with agriculture and rural comm... [Read More]
If you are an applicant or someone who is interested in applying, you should become familiar with the sections below. [Read More]
This handbook is designed to help 4-H professionals to understand the 4-H Name and Emblem federal regulations that must be followed. It explains their role... [Read More]