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Israel says village was built without proper permits, but it is almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain proper building permits... [Read More]
This week I have the opportunity for the first time to underscore U.S. interests in and commitment to the continent at the United Nations General... [Read More]
Read our article and learn more on MedlinePlus: Caffeine overdose... [Read More]
Trami continues strengthening; where it heads remains open to question. [Read More]
The Wings of Freedom Tour enables visitors to get up close to aircraft including the B-17 Flying Fortress "Nine O Nine," the B-24 Liberator "Witchcraft,"... [Read More]
Austal USA hosted the christening of Littoral Combat Ship 22, the U.S.S. Kansas City, at its manufacturing facility. The ship is the 17th Independence-class LCS... [Read More]
Army and Marine Corps combat stocks intended to supply thousands of troops in an emergency or conflict showed signs of corrosion and poor upkeep at... [Read More]
Makers of tools and electronics are starting to move production to other factories in Asia... [Read More]
Sgt. Matthew Callahan, a Marine who filmed and photographed artillery strikes on the Islamic State in Syria is the first servicemember ever to be named... [Read More]
Data collected by NASA's Juno mission indicate that the atmospheric winds of Jupiter run deep into its atmosphere and last longer than similar atmospheric processes... [Read More]
Ninety-three years after the Peace Cross was dedicated, with a fife and drum corps leading a parade and a Maryland lawmaker saying the memorial would... [Read More]
The NYPD twice bungled the complaints of a terrified Queens woman targeted by an obsessive ex-boyfriend in the days before he fatally shot her, police... [Read More]
Inside a hidden vault in Los Angeles, California, is a treasure trove of cars from around the world. It's the collection of the Petersen Automotive... [Read More]
A former Afghan refugee turned doctor in the United Kingdom is using technology and the web to save lives in war-torn and low income countries.... [Read More]
On Reporters' Roundtable join host and journalist Douglas Mpuga, along with a lively panel of journalists, who analyze the week's major developments in Africa. [Read More]
English news from the Voice of America. VOA news provides coverage from around the world and learning English lessons from VOA Special English. [Read More]
A new study finds heat from friction could power hydrothermal activity on Saturn's moon Enceladus for billions of years if the moon has a highly... [Read More]
What's up in the night sky this month? Enjoy a ringside seat for Saturn, plus a night long parade featuring Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Vesta! [Read More]
NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) is taking a giant leap focusing the agency's exploration of the Moon, Mars and our Solar System. [Read More]
Proposal to be available for public comment in coming weeks, says Department of Homeland Security... [Read More]