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Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 07:35 PM
Here's the latest for Thursday, October 12th: President Trump signs health care Executive Order; American woman and family are released by Taliban group; Fire fighters... [Read More]
Seth MacFarlane weighs in on the Weinstein scandal, addressing his joke about the movie producer.        ... [Read More]
A new study finds the same career regret in 74 percent of participants. [Read More]
SI set out to identify the 30 most influential Hispanic figures in sports today, from athletes to journalists to executives.        ... [Read More]
Well done, J.J. Redick. [Read More]
With dozens dead and entire neighborhoods swallowed by flames, many of the lethal wildfires in California continue to rage uncontained.        ... [Read More]
Last year, Jameis Winston came to Arizona and had a very long afternoon. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2) return to the desert on Sunday, where... [Read More]
Next man up. That's the mantra heard throughout the NFL when players go down. It's almost a tired cliche now because, in nearly every case,... [Read More]
Even though he played on one of the greatest teams ever, Michael Jordan says that super teams aren't good for the NBA from a competition... [Read More]
On Thursday, Trump tweeted that disaster relief wouldn't stay in Puerto Rico forever. Video provided by Newsy        ... [Read More]
Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke out against Harvey Weinstein during a speech at Rutgers University on Thursday. He told the audience that he hopes... [Read More]
Matt Ryan's turnovers have drawn much of the attention in Atlanta. Yet there are two sides to this issue for the Falcons. Not only has... [Read More]
Sean Miller of Arizona and Andy Enfield of USC each declined to answer numerous questions about the issue.        ... [Read More]
Coach Mike Zimmer and the Minnesota Vikings send their thriving defense to face Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers... [Read More]
"I don't think anybody knows this story."        ... [Read More]
"I don't think people come to games for that." [Read More]
The Chiefs have pushed the boundaries of offensive creativity this season, and that's a big reason for their 5-0 start... [Read More]
Tanaka will oppose Dallas Keuchel and the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on Friday.        ... [Read More]
Bruce Springsteen talks about what it was like hearing himself on the radio for the first time and shares other personal stories in his new... [Read More]
"I don't think anybody knows this story." [Read More]