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President Trump tweeted Wednesday night he'll be back for another interview with his go-to morning show Fox and Friends Thursday.        ... [Read More]
President Trump's tax reforms limited deductions for state and local taxes, impacting New Jersey and New York residents. Now the IRS is targeting the states'... [Read More]
Team owners protect their brand, which was under attack from critics incited by President Trump. Angry fans who objected to protests should be silent.      ... [Read More]
Here's the latest for Wednesday, May 23rd: President Trump is seething over the Russia investigation; Trump says he will know soon if Kim summit is... [Read More]
President Trump said his administration is considering a plan to cut foreign aid to countries that do not help stem the flow of immigrants.      ... [Read More]
The Senate passed legislation paving the way for a major overhaul of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the way veterans access health care in... [Read More]
A federal district court judge ruled President Trump can't block people from viewing his Twitter over their political views, the hill reports. Veuer's Sam Berman... [Read More]
NFL owners approved a new policy Wednesday aimed at quelling the firestorm over national anthem protests sparked by Colin Kaepernick and polarized by President Trump,... [Read More]
A federal judge ruled Wednesday President Trump may not block users from following his Twitter account.        ... [Read More]
President Trump is nearing a go-or-no-go decision on North Korea talks, saying he'll make a decision next week about the planned June 12 summit.      ... [Read More]
Since our favorite White House photographer Pete Souza has been throwing shade at Trump since day one, his new book, "SHADE: A Tale of... [Read More]
President Trump escalated his rhetorical war against agencies in the Russia investigation, referring to them as the "criminal deep state."        ... [Read More]
"SPYGATE could be one of the biggest political scandals in history!" Trump said in an early morning Twitter tirade        ... [Read More]
According to CNN President, Jeff Zucker, President Donald Trump is secretly watching CNN all day and night...        ... [Read More]
Democrats are looking for opportunities in states President Trump won in 2016.        ... [Read More]
According to "The Hill", the EPA paid the Smithsonian Institution $1,950 for labor and delivery charges for the three pieces of art, while spending more... [Read More]
President Trump used a signing statement Tuesday to signal that me might not comply with the security clearance bill he just signed.        ... [Read More]
Stormy Daniels, who claims to have had an affair with President Trump, will be awarded the key to West Hollywood, California, where local officials will... [Read More]
USA TODAY is providing live coverage of this event.        ... [Read More]
Former Campaign Chairman for president Trump Paul Manafort is claiming that a prosecutor working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team is leaking details of an... [Read More]