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The Trojans will have plenty of time to prepare for UCLA with 17 days between games. [Read More]
The legacy of women's basketball will be much more than a collection of dynasties. And though the Huskies might reign now, the sport will truly... [Read More]
Head coach Dan Hubbs' side aims to make its mark in a strong field of Pac-12 teams. [Read More]
APASA's heritage festival aims to inspire students by celebrating cultural roots. [Read More]
Rufus Von KleinSmid's public stances on controversial issues were shameful, but his work for USC remains important. [Read More]
There is no shortage of alternative, progressive alumni who contributed to USC to rename the building after. [Read More]
San Francisco's new program will still leave many low-income students behind by not addressing inequality early enough. [Read More]
The Austin Morgan ticket received 43.2 percent of the vote. [Read More]
The dancers were featured on a "Discover Los Angeles" ad that was recorded outside of Griffith Park Observatory. [Read More]
A non-USC male drove his vehicle onto campus and crashed into a bench at Hahn Plaza just before 5 p.m. on Monday, causing minor damage... [Read More]
CELE helps international Chinese students acclimate to American culture. [Read More]
Vernon Smith spoke about game theory models at a lecture event on Monday. [Read More]
Love at first sight? It's an elusive romantic ideal that has lived on for generations. The Daily Trojan set up two writers on a blind... [Read More]
Josh had a weekly radio show and was part of a touring improv troupe. I had his name saved in my phone with the octopus... [Read More]
For Vincent Ho and Kami Nagami, their USC stories are forever intertwined. [Read More]
USC stays undefeated on the season after three more wins versus top 25 teams. [Read More]
The women's lacrosse team eased past Saint Mary's to kick off the Trojans' season. [Read More]
This semester, I'm taking a communication course titled "Sports and Social Change." No, it's not an "easy A." People are always wrongly mislabeling the communication... [Read More]
USC's body of international students must be diverse in class and circumstance, too. [Read More]
Two Saturdays ago Melissa McCarthy stepped up to the Saturday Night Live stage dressed in a gray suit and high-forehead wig, unmistakably resembling Press Secretary... [Read More]