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Six nurses in North Carolina who are all expecting within months of each showed off their "baby bumps" in a recent photo shared by the... [Read More]
Maria Butina, 29, met US politicians and candidates to establish 'back channels' and secretly reported to Kremlin, DoJ alleges... [Read More]

A Colorado mother is opening up about the terrifying moment her 3-year-old daughter nearly died after becoming trapped in the family's new washing machine —... [Read More]

The company subjected rent-regulated tenants to hazardous conditions, a lawsuit stated, so their apartments could be sold for millions. Kushner Companies denied the claims. [Read More]

A 3-year-old Winchester, Virginia girl has been hailed a hero for using FaceTime to call her mother after her father suffered a stroke last week.

... [Read More]
The body of an adult woman was found Monday afternoon as rescue crews were combing Topanga State Park for a 26-year-old missing hiker, officials said.... [Read More]
Figures from the National Agricultural Statistics Service show macadamia nut production and farm value in Hawaii increasing from the last season. West Hawaii Today reports... [Read More]
Amazon's Jeff Bezos is the world's richest man. And it's not even close. Bezos is worth more than Bill Gates and Larry Page combined. He... [Read More]
A Daly City man hired to kill rodents is facing felony charges after some homeowners who hired him claim thousands of dollars of their jewelry... [Read More]
Gordon Beckham and Andrew Alpin each had three of Tacoma's 15 hits while Adam Law, Seth Mejias-Brean and Daniel Vogelbach each had two hits. [Read More]
Mae wedi dod i'r amlwg bod Cyngor Conwy wedi gwario bron i £400,000 o arian trethdalwyr yn rhentu adeilad gwag. [Read More]
Grab one now! Amazon currently has the 11.6-inch ASUS VivoBook on sale for $179, which is $50 less than it normally sells... [Read More]
A memorial has been placed on a beach northwest of Juneau to remember the Canadian passenger liner that sank a century ago, killing about 350... [Read More]
An Alabama mayor says four members of his city's police force have been suspended for making a hand gesture that some say is a hate... [Read More]
It is possible to buy entire towns these days. [Read More]
Wash. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. The Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers will meet in the NBA Summer League championship for a second straight season.... [Read More]
For Nicola Elliott, a founder of Neom Organics, explained why it's important for each business partner to have their own unique characteristics. [Read More]
Virtually every star in sport's history suited up for at least one Midsummer Classic, and the elevated talent has brought out some truly memorable performances.... [Read More]
"There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world," said Ryan, a Republican... [Read More]
Anchorage residents have banded together to purchase a neon-lit palm tree from the federal government. The Anchorage Daily News reports the 22-foot-tall (7-meter) tree was... [Read More]