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Typically in sociology and political science, the radical right has been addressed through so-called breakdown theories, while left-wing radicalism has been analyzed from the perspective... [Read More]
Like many other political actors, the radical right is currently expanding beyond national borders, creating cross-national links and international cooperation. Although the formation of radical... [Read More]
Friday, January 12, 2018... [Read More]
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Olivia Suttles will join the University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism as its recruitment coordinator on Jan. 22. [Read More]
Friday, January 5, 2018... [Read More]
Friday, January 12, 2018... [Read More]
The University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business is No. 9 in U.S. News and World Report's ranking of the best online MBA... [Read More]
The Robert H. Smith School of Business has a stake in the University of Maryland mission targeted by the National Science Foundation's (NSF) recent $5... [Read More]
Congratulations to LUKA ARSENJUK, Associate Professor of Film Studies at the University of Maryland, winner of the 2018 BEST ESSAY IN AN EDITED COLLECTION awarded... [Read More]
Funding will provide scholarships for students in UMD's Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students program... [Read More]
NASA's newly renamed Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory honors founding principal investigator of versatile satellite mission, who died in 2017. [Read More]
On December 13, 2017, Emeritus and Distinguished University Professor Ben Shneiderman was the recipient of prestigious Doctor of Engineering (Honoris Causa) from the University of... [Read More]
Social media have transformed our societies and contributed to creation of online public spaces. In the past few years, we witnessed how social media were... [Read More]
Since the early days of the field, art and architectural historians have relied on image-based reproductions of our primary source material to do our work.... [Read More]
In the fall of 2017, Philadelphia was the site of 20 temporary monuments created by local and international artists across 10 public parks as part... [Read More]
This presentation discusses the conceptualization and development of interactive cartographic platform In the Same Boats: Toward an Intellectual Cartography of the Afro-Atlantic. In the Same Boats is a work of multimodal scholarship... [Read More]
How can we construct a literary history of recorded poetry that recognizes media as an intrinsic dimension of the poems' forms? Given the longtime understanding... [Read More]
UMD astronomers observe the most drastic slowing of a comet's rate of spin ever measured, using NASA's newly renamed Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. [Read More]