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The Great White Father came to Saudi Arabia last week to harangue some 50 Arab and African despots on the glories of Trumpism, democracy and... [Read More]
Much like in the U.S. Sand States in 2007-08, it turns out that a big mortgage lender in Toronto that focused on lending to immigrants... [Read More]
Headliner of the week was the Muslim terrorist attack on a pop concert in Manchester, England. The bomber blew himself up and took 22 others... [Read More]
Robert Fisk put it best: "Trump Is About To Really Mess Up In The Middle East". Following his fantastically stupid decision to attack the Syrian... [Read More]
From Politico: Trump Is America's Most Honest President He just can't help himself from blurting out the truth—even when it's self-sabotage. By VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN May... [Read More]
I recently got into a fairly epic Twitter spat with U. of Maryland sociologist Philip N. Cohen when I pointed out, in defense of Charles... [Read More]
Years ago James Jesus Angleton left me with the impression that when an intelligence agency, such as the CIA, pulls off an assassination, bombing, or... [Read More]
From Foreign Policy: EXCLUSIVE: Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Blocked G-7 Migration Proposal The author of the 'Muslim Ban' is now working to scuttle plans to settle... [Read More]
From Bloomberg: American Prosperity Depends on a Nonwhite Future Without immigration, mostly of Hispanics and Asians, economic growth will falter. By Noah Smith May 24,... [Read More]
There have been three significant political protests in Moscow in the past few months, and each in their own way – and in their relation... [Read More]
Singer Morrissey, former frontman of The Smiths, spoke out after the terrorist bombing in his native Manchester: "In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially... [Read More]
Commenter Pat B writes: I finagled a Commodore PET in the mid seventies so I could do a stepwise multiple regression analysis of job program... [Read More]
11th Earl of Sandwich Files Intellectual Property Lawsuit Against HumanitySteve Sailer • May 25, 2017 • 12 Comments • Reply RSS Jump To...ContentTopBottomSectionPrevCurrentNextBookmark❌◄►Toggle AllToCAdd to... [Read More]
From The Daily Mail: White women's burrito shop is forced to close after being hounded with accusations it was 'culturally appropriating Mexican food and jobs'... [Read More]
A circuit court has extended the protections of disparate impact civil rights reasoning to the world's 1,600,000,000 Muslims. It's the Zeroth Amendment! [Read More]
Understanding the Vacuity... [Read More]
In the first paragraphs of George Orwell's famed novel 1984, Winston Smith slips through the doors of his apartment building, "Victory Mansions," to escape a "vile... [Read More]
"ISIS" did not attack in Manchester; a second-generation Muslim, son of immigrants, did. The Islamic State may have inspired 22-year-old Salman Abedi, but ISIS in... [Read More]
[preface]For two decades, some Israeli officials and Israel partisans have worked to embed a new, Israel-focused definition of antisemitism in institutions around the world, from... [Read More]
In the wake of the massacre in Manchester, people rightly warn against blaming the entire Muslim community in Britain and the world. Certainly one of... [Read More]
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