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Back in the 1990s stock bubble it was common for analysts to say things like price-to-earnings ratios (PE) no longer mattered. They were right, at... [Read More]
Maybe Not a Really Great Idea... [Read More]
True civilian death toll feared at 40,000... [Read More]
From the New York Times: Somalis in Minneapolis Shocked and Saddened by Police Shooting By JOHN ELIGON and MITCH SMITH JULY 19, 2017 MINNEAPOLIS —... [Read More]
Dear Mexican: I'm not a huge soccer fan but I always get excited about the World Cup. In preparation for this event next year, I... [Read More]
Last week, The New York Times revealed that in June 2016, Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son; Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and chief... [Read More]
From the NYT oped page: The Dark History of Defining 'Family' By MAE NGAI JULY 19, 2017 Efforts to manipulate the meaning in immigration matters... [Read More]
Twitter has permanently temporarily suspended the account of Godfrey Elfwick. But you can't keep a good Elfwick down. You can follow xir here:    ... [Read More]
From the CBS station in Richmond, VA: Millions will be spent to help black homeowners after investigation revealed inequity POSTED 12:32 PM, JULY 17, 2017,... [Read More]
From the Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Killer cop says he shot Justine Damond because he was 'startled' by her when she ran towards his car in... [Read More]
From my new column in Taki's Magazine on the single most important ideological divide among white voters: In other words, this question isn't about whether... [Read More]
From the BBC: Ghanaian man with 100 children wants more Thomas Naadi BBC Africa, Accra 11 Jul, 2017 Today is World Population Day – and... [Read More]
Africa has more than 50 political entities and more than a billion people with some of the highest concentrations of genetic and cultural diversity on... [Read More]
From the Washington Post: … The report stoked fear among Twin Cities Somalis, who have worked for decades to become part of the city's fabric.... [Read More]
The Economist runs an article asserting, mostly on Bryan Caplan's say-so, that a world of Open Borders would be $78 trillion richer. It say: The... [Read More]
Things move fast here. No sooner do I give you the brief description of my visit to see the Big Brain than I can announce... [Read More]
Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency in 2008 as a peace candidate. He signaled that he would fundamentally change America's course after the reckless carnage... [Read More]
that broke loose last week from the... [Read More]
What will those rascals in Moscow do next? [Read More]
From the NYT: In South Asian Social Castes, a Living Lab for Genetic Disease By STEPH YIN JULY 17, 2017 In certain states in southern... [Read More]
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