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Laser-tag time is over, with Bungie committing to nerf Destiny 2's Prometheus Lens into the dust…at least for a while. If you haven't noticed, the... [Read More]
Destiny 2 players will no longer be locked out of Prestige content and Season events if they don't buy Curse of Osiris. Nice. Destiny 2:... [Read More]
Whether you just picked up PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One, returning after a long hiatus, or you're simply curious about what goes…... [Read More]
Detective Pikachu, a game and franchise that has followed a weird trajectory, might finally be coming to 3DS outside of Japan. The Detective Pikachu g…... [Read More]
Shadow of the Colossus is coming to PS4 soon, and Pro users will have a choice between playing it in 'performance' or 'cinematicR…... [Read More]
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds can be one of the most frustrating games. It's frustrating for one simple reason: the time it takes to learn…... [Read More]
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds servers have only officially gone live in certain parts of the world, but the majority go live later today or tomo…... [Read More]
One of the biggest things players are looking forward to with the upcoming PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds release on Xbox One is how things are going to... [Read More]
We're hours away form the official launch of the console port of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One. As you'd expect, this is…... [Read More]
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp has decided against shutting down and then restarting the 1.0 test servers as was initially pl…... [Read More]
PlayerUnknown has apologised for changes to the female character model on the PUBG test server following criticism on Twitter. Over the weekend, playe…... [Read More]
Just like practically every Capcom-related announcement, the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection that leaked well ahead of time is real. The St…... [Read More]
The first playable character in Overkill's The Walking Dead has been revealed via a new trailer shown on Twitch. Aidan is a former architect survivi…... [Read More]
The hotly anticipated The Last of Us Part 2 is around "50 to 60%" done according to the game's director Neil Druckmann. The news comes... [Read More]
The first raid lair in Destiny 2 is Eater of Worlds. This walkthrough will take you through it step by step. Destiny 2 players who... [Read More]
Everyone wants a piece of Grand Theft Auto 6. Whenever Rockstar updates GTA Online heads swivel and the inevitable question returns – when is GTA... [Read More]
PlayStation VR titles were a big part of PlayStation Experience again this year. Sony showed off plenty of PlayStation VR titles at PSX 2017 over... [Read More]
Firewall Zero Hour was announced at PSX 2017 this weekend as a PlayStation VR exclusive. PlayStation VR owners will be able to get their hands... [Read More]
Indie open-world survival-horror game The Forest will finally be made available on PS4 in 2018. Originally slated for release on PlayStation 4 in 20…... [Read More]
Here's a short gameplay trailer for Soulcalibur 6 and a deep dive into the development fresh out of PlayStation Experience 2017. Soulcalibur 6 w…... [Read More]