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Fortnite gets a new vehicle today, the Quadcrasher. It's a quad bike with a snowplough on the front. Radical. The new vehicle comes in the... [Read More]
The subscriber numbers for World of Warcraft have remained undisclosed for a few years, but it seems that the figures may have leaked. [Read More]
The free DLC for LEGO Worlds is currently unavailable on Switch without the paid online membership. [Read More]
The crunch kicked in at Rockstar San Diego as the studio geared up to finish Red Dead Redemption 2. [Read More]
The voice actors for two of Remedy's most popular protagonists, Max Payne and Alan Wake, are going to star in Control, their next game. [Read More]
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Sega's cancelled Shenmue remaster looks so much better than the HD re-releases. [Read More]
Elite Dangerous: Beyond's final chapter is coming soon, with the official beta launching on October 30. [Read More]
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A job advertisement on LinkedIn has revealed that PlayStation are looking to hire a senior product manager for their next gen PS5 campaign. [Read More]
According to one leaker with a decent track record, Capcom and Marvel are working on relaunching Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite as Marvel vs Capcom 4. [Read More]