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Lewandowski chested down the ball, reached out for a graceful take-down touch, and without letting the ball touch the carpet, he fired off a perfect left-footed shot. [Read More]
We had six voices from the leather and fetish community pose before our nation's greatest monuments and tell us their hopes and fears for Trump's America. [Read More]
The new president signed a series of executive actions, most of which had to do with his Cabinet appointees and procedural matters. [Read More]
The former Verizon lawyer wants to take a "weed whacker" to net neutrality. [Read More]
The top six issues on the site include energy and jobs, but no health coverage. [Read More]
Stuff your sea bass with Nduja, a pork salami paste from Southern Italy cured with dry chilies. [Read More]
This weekend, people around the world will take to the streets to protest the inauguration and stand in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington. A representative from the ACLU explains how to... [Read More]
We spoke to Stephen Reicher, an expert in crowd psychology. [Read More]
The Washington Wizards appear to have turned a corner with their recent 14-5 run, but that doesn't mean they're contenders yet. [Read More]
Star quarterbacks lead the NFL's final four Super Bowl contenders, but Pittsburgh is the only team with a reliable defense. [Read More]
Is it possible that the Spurs have gotten better without Tim Duncan? The stats suggest yes. [Read More]
A ridiculous brawl broke out between rival college basketball teams in Tennessee. One dude hit a player with a damned steel chair. [Read More]
The only way to beat the Packers is to overwhelm them with points. Thanks to OC Kyle Shanahan, Matt Ryan and the Falcons have the game plan to do that. [Read More]
Police arrested at least ten people during the protest which started at 10:30 AM Friday, just blocks from the National Mall. [Read More]
Every year, tens of thousands of people are murdered in Venezuela—many a result of robberies, kidnappings, gang disputes, and police violence. I spoke to some of the mothers who have to live with... [Read More]
Take a break from today with this comic exploring puberty in the purple slime world. [Read More]
'An Inconvenient Sequel' and 'The Worker's Cup' start off this year's festival. [Read More]
How to keep your digital devices and accounts safe when exercising your right to peaceably assemble. [Read More]
Meitu says it's using the data to improve performance, but security experts have raised some red flags. [Read More]
These restaurant owners are declaring their businesses safe zones for people of every race, gender, creed, immigrant status, and sexual orientation. [Read More]