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Friday, May 19, 2017 at 12:00 AM
People have asked me about my experience with the criminal justice system, and all I tell them is that it was brief. [Read More]
Getting busted by mom and pop sucks in the moment, but at least it can make for a funny story later. [Read More]
A look at the Big Apple's up-and-coming artists. [Read More]
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Lobbying records in New York state show that Apple, Verizon, and the tech industry's largest trade organizations... [Read More]
Open internet safeguards are essential in the age of Trump, lawmakers say. [Read More]
The former Verizon lawyer refused to answer a direct question from senators—and Motherboard. [Read More]
Porn star Tayte Hanson might be a glistening big-dicked hardbody, but he's got problems just like the rest of us. [Read More]
All the greatest fights in movie history took place inside giant condensation clusters. [Read More]
Youth and high school pitchers are hurting now more than ever. Now some companies are trying to bring the biomechanics technology used by the pros,... [Read More]
Bautista pimped a homer with the Blue Jays down five runs in the eighth inning and the Braves didn't like it. [Read More]
Check out a mind-bending story about an art mover from Eugene Lim's 'Dear Cyborgs.'... [Read More]
Calling bullshit on the self-proclaimed historians behind those "white people got here first" stories. [Read More]
The president plans to hold a joint press conference at 3:45 PM Thursday, amid a number of scandals currently plaguing his White House. [Read More]
In recent mega-franchises like 'Alien,' storytelling takes a backseat to mythology and worldbuilding. [Read More]
Climate change and our microbiome are part of the reason we're all miserable suddenly. [Read More]
The robots definitely won't be taking over anytime soon. [Read More]
Ending up on an ugly men's t-shirt or as a meme hated around the world—models often have no say in how their pictures are used. [Read More]
The simulated party meant to highlight dangers of teen partying, but even the parents were like whatever. [Read More]
Police say the incident is not connected to terrorism. [Read More]
It seems inevitable that we are headed toward a Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Finals, and there has been little drama getting there. [Read More]
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