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Washington Democratic Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell led 19 other Democrats in sending a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai Tuesday. [Read More]
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said Wednesday that he's worried President Donald Trump will "ignore the Constitution" and start a pre-emptive war with North Korea, which... [Read More]
A fire that may have been kindled by a space heater destroyed a house Monday in La Center, according to Clark County Fire District 10. [Read More]
Vancouver police are asking for help in locating Kurt Pahl, 77, who went missing on Tuesday. [Read More]
A Richland man is locked up on $150,000 for allegedly beating his wife and threatening to send her body to her father in a coffin. [Read More]
Things are changing in Clark County. The Camas paper mill is in jeopardy. So is the proposed rail-to-river oil terminal. Vancouver has elected its first... [Read More]
In December 2012, Washington became one of the early states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Now, as many couples in this state celebrate... [Read More]
Why is there no direct on- and offramp to (north) Interstate 5 from state Highway 500? [Read More]
A good indicator of a coming legislative session can be the bills lawmakers are so eager to file they can't even wait until everybody is... [Read More]
As a longtime resident of Southwest Washington, working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector, I am deeply concerned about the tax reform proposal being considered... [Read More]
Here we go again. The GOP tells us that we'll be better off if we give our money to the wealthy. Remember "St. Ronnie's" tax... [Read More]
Traveling solo with kids? Here are five ways to ensure good times are had by all. [Read More]
Rick and Renee Amies' Hazel Dell home glows each Christmas season with light-up reindeer and strands upon strands of lights. [Read More]
Have the people who program the traffic lights on the east side of Vancouver ever driven in the area? I doubt it. Specifically, from westbound... [Read More]
Why is it all right for Roy Moore to get away with his alleged transgressions and Sen. Al Franken has to resign? Is that fair?... [Read More]
Why lay off 280 employees at the Camas paper mill? Costly paid sick leave? Less printing due to cellphones? USA's environmental regulations? [Read More]
What's your style of learning? [Read More]
An important message from Republicans: "I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing," Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, told The Des... [Read More]
Recently, I was the unfortunate victim of the crime of theft. As happens to all crime victims, I felt both violated and disoriented. There were... [Read More]
The National Park Service announced Tuesday that the public will have free admission to all national parks, including Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, on four... [Read More]