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Small Plates Thai shrimp my new favorite for Lenten Fridays Posted on March 23, 2017 by Janet Cleaveland... [Read More]
The victims in Sunday's double homicide in east Vancouver have both been identified as Portland area men. [Read More]
Lawrence Rouse took the microphone before a state Senate committee on Wednesday to speak in support of a bill to help ill Hanford workers, in... [Read More]
This week's episode of Clark Talks, The Columbian's weekly podcast, brings you a preview of an upcoming story on online child exploitation. [Read More]
Respective state fish and wildlife commissions have different visions for the future of commercial fishing in the lower river... [Read More]
Incident occurred in 2014 in Cowlitz River and was broadcast over the internet... [Read More]
Food sources for young salmon in the ocean two years were very poor and survival might be worse than anticipated... [Read More]
Open government can be messy. It also can be costly and time-consuming, as growing issues surrounding Washington's Public Disclosure Commission have demons... [Read More]
Kokanee at Merwin Reservoir, Columbia Gorge walleyes offer angling alternatives while waiting for the flooding Columbia River to drop and clear enough to y... [Read More]
Watching the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, one might easily find oneself wishing he were president of the United Stat... [Read More]
Five maintenance days planned this spring on popular Columbia River Gorge route... [Read More]
Have you ever seen seagulls refuse a crust of bread while holding out for the loaf? [Read More]
This warm winter has not only confused plants into bearing flowers way ahead of normal, it has been troublesome for gardeners too. I faced that... [Read More]
I can only assume, following the president's lead in assuming things, that the Associated Press story published March 8, "GOP health bill adds up... [Read More]
I used to think I was an average white male, but over the last eight years things have changed a lot for me. [Read More]
I'm responding to the March 13 Columbian story "Genes can be early warning system." [Read More]
Snow depths at winter recreation parking lots in the southern Gifford Pinchot National Forest... [Read More]
No letup in the rain, it seems, with more than 5 inches in the rain bucket this month for Vancouver. With more steady rain today... [Read More]
I write to lend my voice to the March 13 letter "Litter sullies freeway," regarding the disgusting amount of trash littering our roadsides. [Read More]
Vancouver Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt will deliver the 2017 State of the City Address at 5 p.m. March 30 at the Artillery Barracks building at... [Read More]