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State Highway 14 eight miles east of Washougal reopened at 2 a.m. today after being closed all day Tuesday for an oil spill cleanup. [Read More]
The future of Washington — or any state, for that matter — often can be presaged by the condition of its children. There is no... [Read More]
As the Legislature slid into its third special session June 21, some critics complained about lawmakers not being able to do their job in the... [Read More]
The story of the East Mill Plain Neighborhood Association begins with a stolen car. [Read More]
I was born in Spokane. When I was 9, I started delivering the Spokane Daily Chronicle. I collected 23 cents a week from each customer... [Read More]
Men, women, children and pets, I'm not going to win you over if you are a liberal thinker but please read with an open mind... [Read More]
Listening to the complicated actions required of the Russians to hack into different states' voting systems, I felt pretty good about Washington state. [Read More]
I am writing about the June 21 editorial, "In Our View -- Sick Approach to Heath Bill." How can the person who wrote it say... [Read More]
Top-notch community leaders lead by example and by challenging others to keep up. They show a genuine love for their city, their neighbors and their... [Read More]
President Trump has promised to be coal's savior by easing regulatory burdens. Likewise, when Vice President Mike Pence was governor of Indiana he said that... [Read More]
One thing is certain: Dysfunction in government is a big problem in both Washingtons. I'm working with colleagues in the House of Representatives to make... [Read More]
Despite a lot of pushback from some financial-services companies, a new rule should cut down on conflicts of interest in the advice given to investors... [Read More]
Clark County is accepting applications from local organizations for grants that promote historical preservation and programs, including preservation of historic documents. [Read More]
Enshané Nomoto is a single mother of two sons, Yukim Ai, 17, and Yukaiya Eny, 16, who moved to Vancouver in 2014 after years spent... [Read More]
The Vancouver chapter of the American Association of University Women donated its historical records to Washington State University Vancouver. [Read More]
Friends of the Carpenter received a $2,000 grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for the nonprofit's Community Awareness Reaching Empowerment Committee, which organizes... [Read More]
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School celebrated an early Pentecostal Mass earlier this month. [Read More]
Mill Creek Pub raised $1,000 for DOGPAW at its Cash Back Day. DOGPAW, which manages off-leash parks throughout the county, is struggling financially to remain... [Read More]
English language teacher Chung Savoie was named Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year for the Washougal School District. [Read More]
The Lincoln Neighborhood Association handed out grants to local schools at the association's June 12 meeting. [Read More]