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A woman whose face became synonymous with numerous campaigns against drunken driving after she was severely burned in a Texas crash 20 years ago has... [Read More]
Venezuela is suffering a humanitarian crisis after its economy crashed and was rocked by hyperinflation. Juan Guaidó claimed the interim presidency in an attempt to... [Read More]
Article: The Orchestration of Russiaphobia Is The Prelude To War - Trump continues to use US foreign policy to commit criminal acts. He has declared... [Read More]
In Washington, D.C., activists with the groups CodePink and Popular Resistance are occupying the Venezuelan Embassy alongside a skeletal staff of Venezuelan diplomatic workers, where... [Read More]
(This April 18 story corrects to make clear Reuters could not determine payments were made under the proposed arrangement, removes reference to Evrofinance Mosnarbank and... [Read More]
The proposed payment mechanism is the latest sign of the growing proximity of Venezuela's cash-strapped government to Russia as the United States tightens a financial... [Read More]
Venezuela's opposition leader has called on his supporters to stage mass street protests, starting from April 22nd, to demand President Nicolas Maduro's ouster. [Read More]
VENEZUELA-POLITICS/HAPPINESS (WIDER IMAGE):WIDER IMAGE-Venezuelans seek joy amid the chaos... [Read More]
Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro's attempt to stay in power could ultimately drive half the country's population to seek refuge abroad, according to a key U.S.... [Read More]
Activists have been living in Venezuela's DC embassy for the past two weeks hoping to halt a US-backed opposition takeover of the building... [Read More]
Mientras el servicio eléctrico nacional atraviesa sus peores horas, el negocio de la venta de generadores de electricidad vive sus mejores momentos en Venezuela, aunque... [Read More]
Socialism has never worked. Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela are not prosperous. As the citizens of all socialist states can attest, when the state runs... [Read More]
President Trump is making his biggest bet yet that his hardline approach with adversaries Iran and Venezuela, both big energy market players, won't harm Americans... [Read More]
Analysts, including commentators sympathetic to Chavismo, are understandably offering a mix of explanations for Venezuela's tragic and worsening - Rostam Pourzal for Original... [Read More]
Valery Díaz covered her eyes and held her breath before looking in a hair salon mirror to see herself without much of the long dark... [Read More]
the mention of the word alarms conservative commentators, who liken it to Venezuela, Cuba and the old Soviet Union. Is it possible socialism isn't quite... [Read More]
As usual, Mead fails to grasp that this is proof that Trump's aggressive policies are reckless and harmful to U.S. interests. [Read More]
From Ethiopia and Venezuela to India and Iraq, regimes are halting the flow of online information amid political turmoil, protests and other similar events. [Read More]
Jacqueline Saburido, who became the face of campaigns in Texas and beyond against drunken driving after she was severely burned in a wreck near Lake... [Read More]
Venezuela's government announced on Monday two marches to counter the ones opposition leader Juan Guaido has planned. The... [Read More]