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Alex McNabb was suspended two days after HuffPost reported that he was under investigation in Virginia. [Read More]
However well-meaning, the road trip movie starring Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen has less to say than it thinks. [Read More]
The news comes days after "The Cher Show," a musical featuring 35 of the icon's hits, opened on Broadway. [Read More]
The Bureau of Land Management is looking to sell 70 acres of conservation land to a limestone mining company that unlawfully discarded waste materials on... [Read More]
The Hawaiian actor crushes a war-dance tradition to usher in a potential DC blockbuster. [Read More]
"It's not a hard time for men right now," the activist-actor said. "It's a hard time for abusers and predators." [Read More]
"The time is now for business leaders to step up and take action — this is our responsibility." [Read More]
Fresh off the launch of its Steam rival, Epic Games isn't done shaking up the industry. Next up, it's giving away the toolkit that helped... [Read More]
By the time The Game Awards cameras switched off on December 6th, after three hours of sternum-pounding concerts, raucous celebration and heartfelt speeches, th... [Read More]
Next time you can't find the perfect angle for your selfie, just thank the universe you're not NASA's InSight lander. The spacecraft had to take... [Read More]
Amazon recently got in the Christmas spirit by offering free shipping with no minimum purchase to everyone. It had reason to celebrate, coming off the... [Read More]
You're probably used to the presence of facial recognition cameras at airports and other transport hubs, but what about at concerts? That's the step Taylor... [Read More]
"MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL!" the president tweeted, citing no proof. [Read More]
The admissions by Cohen and AMI conflict with Trump's own evolving explanations. [Read More]
Anthony Atamanuik went off on wild tangents in typical Trump style during the sit-down with "Late Night" host Seth Meyers. [Read More]
A resolution for a House select committee on a Green New Deal has at least 35 backers. [Read More]
People ask all the time why I play tackle football. Why at my age? Why with the risk of getting hurt? [Read More]
It's reportedly the first unbleeped usage of the vulgarity on the long-running cartoon. [Read More]
Putin capitalized on American racism, on the GOP's willingness to shred democratic norms and on Trump's all-American greed. [Read More]
British Twitter users flooded the newspaper with fantastically fake experiences. [Read More]