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Cox is bringing its terabyte internet data caps to a bunch of new territories, having already introduced the plan to Cleveland, Ohio; Omaha, Nebraska; Sun... [Read More]
Whether it's using AI to help organize a Lego collection or relying on an algorithm to protect our cities, deep learning neural networks seemingly become... [Read More]
Environmentalists say he's exploiting the blaze to "mislead the public." [Read More]
Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Preview Build for Insiders in the Fast ring introduces what's obviously meant as a response to all the ransomware attacks targetin... [Read More]
One finger or two? [Read More]
This morning, we're talking hidden smartphone fingerprint readers, 77-inch paper-thin TVs for a 'mere' $20k and a global ransomware cyberattack that might not e... [Read More]
The insurgents blew up the medieval mosque and its landmark leaning minaret a week ago. [Read More]
"We got a hold of them." [Read More]
In a country as young as America and built by so many immigrants, it's hard to claim any food as being our own. Sure, some... [Read More]
Don't think of them as a watered-down glass of wine. Think of them like boozy, bubbly water. [Read More]
"Because our health care system won't see families in need resort to 'Breaking Bad.'" [Read More]
"It's like the hammer of Thor. You can have it but only a few people can wield it." [Read More]
"mmm bacon ..." [Read More]
Incidence of the often-fatal heart condition fell 17 percent among middle-aged adults in Multnomah County, a study finds. [Read More]
Organizers barred the press from the event at the last-minute. [Read More]
But thankfully, he didn't. [Read More]
Let's just say there's a clear favorite already. [Read More]
Kinetica's roots as a company go back to a 2009 consulting project for US intelligence services. [Read More]
Amazon's Black Friday-like event for the summer will be back for the third time. On July 11th, the e-commerce giant will hold the third annual... [Read More]
He took aim at the show for incessantly praising President Donald Trump. [Read More]
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