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Pyongyang warned Washington that the two could return to "exchanges of fire" if the US continues its sanctions regime against North Korea. [Read More]
Miller told Face the Nation on Sunday that Donald Trump will do "whatever is necessary" to secure funding for the border wall. [Read More]
This ABC sitcom makes telling a story with 10 regular characters look easy. [Read More]
In a sketch based on It's a Wonderful Life, Baldwin's Donald Trump visits a reality in which he was never elected. [Read More]
Likely Democratic caucusgoers are looking for a candidate with experience and electability. [Read More]
Tenants in Brooklyn and Queens are still paying the costs of a 1990s scheme to inflate building improvement costs, the New York Times found. [Read More]
Brits want an official investigation into the Brexit Leave campaign. They're getting an HBO drama instead. [Read More]
The president's response to the Texas ruling on the Affordable Care Act reveals his bind on healthcare. [Read More]
"Populism" is not the problem... [Read More]
All hit TV shows are some combination of skillful craftsmanship and good luck, according to Office writer and Good Place creator Michael Schur. [Read More]
He delivered huge swaths of public lands to fossil fuel interests, all while racking up a long list of scandals. [Read More]
Everyone had the same question: Why didn't House Democratic leadership fight harder? [Read More]
And the rest of the week's best writing on books and related subjects. [Read More]
The Republican strategy to pass Medicare-for-all continues. [Read More]
backed by the Trump administration - threatens to overturn Obamacare's ban on preexisting conditions. [Read More]
Wisconsin's lame-duck session strips the new governor of power; Theresa May comes home from Brussels empty-handed. [Read More]
Flynn's lawyers implied he was railroaded. Mueller's team says, not so. [Read More]
A Reuters report caused the stock to tank. [Read More]
The US sent a delegation to a climate conference to promote coal, but other countries are still working on forging an agreement. [Read More]
The company claimed it had "no intention" of being racist. [Read More]