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The special counsel finishes his work; the UK extends its deadline. [Read More]
The show can thank its fangirls for its unexpectedly long life. [Read More]
"Release the Mueller report to the American public. Now." [Read More]
The special counsel has delivered his final report to the attorney general. What happens next will depend a lot on Bill Barr. [Read More]
Karle Robinson says Kansas police monitored him for weeks after the August 2018 incident, and refused to let him file a complaint. [Read More]
New Zealand's response to the mosque attacks is a strong rebuke of the alleged shooter's divisive ideology. [Read More]
The report is done. Here's the latest information about it. [Read More]
Rashad Long, an Amazon warehouse employee in Staten Island, was fired two months after announcing plans to form a labor union. Now he's taking legal... [Read More]
Barr sent a letter to Congress about receiving Mueller's Trump-Russia report. [Read More]
But we don't yet know what it says. [Read More]
Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has bad hair, according to the internet. Why do we care so much? [Read More]
The president tapped the Trumponomics co-author and longtime CNN contributor to do battle with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. [Read More]
Flooding following Cyclone Idai has left hundreds dead and tens of thousands displaced in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. [Read More]
Some safety features are considered "optional" upgrades, putting people who can't afford them at risk. [Read More]
Trump tweeted that he would cancel sanctions on North Korea because he likes Kim Jong Un. [Read More]
An "unprecedented" flood season lies ahead this spring, according to NOAA. [Read More]
Here are 3 big clues to the movie's ending that you might have missed. [Read More]
The NBC comedy is a rare holdout amid an unstoppable wave. [Read More]
As new revelations about Chief Justice John Roberts's Supreme Court Obamacare ruling come out, states are still fighting over Medicaid expansion. [Read More]
The epidemic is over. That doesn't mean would-be parents are in the clear. [Read More]