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Saudi Arabia reportedly groomed a Twitter employee to help it spy on dissenters. The Saudi Arabian government enlisted a Twitter army to silence its critics... [Read More]
An appreciation of an undeservedly maligned subgenre of horror movies. Ever since 1999's The Blair Witch Project sent early internet denizens scouring the web to... [Read More]
The new movie does indeed have an end-credits moment. Here's what it means. [Read More]
Gov. Bill Walker is backing Democratic candidate Mark Begich in the 2018 election as his approval ratings sag. [Read More]
He would also like to remind you of his GoFundMe page. [Read More]
And the rest of the week's best writing on books and related subjects. [Read More]
The medication used in self-managed abortions is safe for most women less than 10 weeks pregnant. [Read More]
This is a big test for President Donald Trump. The government of Saudi Arabia has officially announced that Jamal Khashoggi, the dissident journalist who disappeared... [Read More]
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Ivanka Trump has already tweeted her congratulations to the happy, publicly liberal couple. Some readers may still be reeling from Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's... [Read More]
Earth is currently passing through a patch of debris created in the wake of Halley's comet tail. Halley's Comet won't make a full return... [Read More]
The Sears catalog brought city goods to the country. It also unintentionally combatted white supremacy. Sears, the once-iconic American retailer known for its catalogs, filed... [Read More]
Pelosi may have just given skeptical House Democrats a reason to vote for her. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just suggested she sees herself as... [Read More]
and gives new details of what the Russian trolls have been up to while Donald Trump has been president. According to the government, the main... [Read More]
A Super PAC is defending the ad, which claimed that "white Democrats will be lynching black folk again." A Republican congressional candidate in Arkansas... [Read More]
Melissa McCarthy plays the biographer turned literary forger in the new film based on Israel's memoir. Lee Israel had tasted success. Her career as a... [Read More]
It's a smart, warm-hearted book that takes on police shootings and systemic racism. The Hate U Give is a didactic issues novel for teenagers. It... [Read More]
Most Latino voters say they haven't experienced any kind of midterms outreach. [Read More]
This is Trump's weirdest move in the China trade war. [Read More]
Louisiana's non-unanimous jury law goes back to a state constitutional convention that disenfranchised black voters. [Read More]