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The FCC axes net neutrality rules, with dramatic implications for the internet as we know it; the Catholic Church gets called out in a damning... [Read More]
Lots of people are justifiably skeptical. But I'm still hoping for the best. [Read More]
Republicans are expected to vote on this bill as soon as Tuesday. [Read More]
While Democrats celebrate an electoral victory, GOP policy triumphs. An eventful week in Washington opened with Democrats scoring an upset defeat in a Senate race... [Read More]
This is the web version of VoxCare, a daily newsletter from Vox on the latest twists and turns in America's health care debate. Like what... [Read More]
Whoops. A federal court has temporarily blocked the Trump administration's decision to roll back the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate, Pennsylvania's attorney general announced... [Read More]
GOP lawmakers know the midterm landscape looks bad, but are moving forward anyway. At this point, nobody seems to deny that Republicans are facing a... [Read More]
Before the dawn of social media, AIM was the chat client for a generation. After 20 years, it's shutting down. After 20 years, the time... [Read More]
could... [Read More]
Another study produces the same findings we've seen over and over again. [Read More]
The diversity visa is the only chance much of the world has to try to immigrate to the US. Trump wants to ditch it. Less... [Read More]
Trump's always distrusted legal immigrants — and he's trying to turn America against them, too. Donald Trump thinks immigrants are trash, metaphorically speaking. Not just... [Read More]
Eleven women have come forward with accusation against Simmons. Music mogul Russell Simmons says that people should believe him instead of the 11 women... [Read More]
Putin's praise for Trump's management of the US economy hasn't gone unnoticed. President Donald Trump spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call... [Read More]
Wonder Woman shined in 2017. This scene was a big reason why. Four years ago, lots of people engaged in some pretty idiotic conversations... [Read More]
Lots of people say they want short tweets. But that's not always how they're using the site. This week, Twitter unveiled a new and important... [Read More]
Language repealing the Johnson Amendment has been removed from the GOP tax bill Democrats won a minor political victory this Thursday when they pressured GOP... [Read More]
Why was he nominated, and why is a GOP senator pushing back? Here's the backstory. One of President Donald Trump's nominees to a lifetime district... [Read More]
wind and solar... [Read More]
Headed to the movie theater? These are the 13 best movies playing in theaters in the US right now. This list is updated each... [Read More]
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