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The studio has been accused of 'copyright misuse' instead... [Read More]
Tim Chevalier, a software developer who is also disabled and transgender, claims that Google fired him when he responded in internal posts and memes. [Read More]
Moog announced last week that it is bringing back one of its iconic synthesizers — the IIIp — for a limited reissue for $35,000. The... [Read More]
The US East Coast has been unusually hot this week, breaking temperature records from Boston to Washington, DC. But what's causing this sudden warm spell?... [Read More]
You have to admire Pavel Durov's audacity. Over the past few months, the CEO of Telegram convinced 81 accredited investors, including Silicon Valley giants Sequoia... [Read More]
Headliners include David Chang, Ashley Christensen, and more... [Read More]
Ford Motor Company President Raj Nair is leaving the company "effective immediately" after an internal investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior. "Certain behavior by Nair... [Read More]
Today, budget Android phone maker Blu announced its latest flagship handset, the Blu Vivo X. The device's standout feature is that it has not two... [Read More]
A former Tesla employee claims the company knowingly sold defective cars, often referred to as "lemons," and that he was demoted and eventually fired after... [Read More]
Journalists have written fascinating accounts of the people creating online misinformation or "fake news," from a group of Macedonian teenagers to the infamous Internet Research... [Read More]
A couple years ago, I got to test out the (potential) future of text input. It was called the "Tap Strap," and it was a... [Read More]
Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, HBO hosted Westworld: The Experience, an immersive activation that let guests visit the offices of Delos, Inc., thanks to... [Read More]
I hunt souls, but I'm not a soldier... [Read More]
All thanks to a certain Fan... [Read More]
More than six months after Citymapper launched its own officially licensed bus route in East London, the transportation app is shutting down the project in... [Read More]
the Las Vegas-based company manufacturing space habitats - is starting a spinoff venture aimed at managing any modules that the company deploys into space. Called... [Read More]
'I will just keep trucking on'... [Read More]
Chapter One comes to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Feb. 27... [Read More]
Bonus content includes 14 deleted scenes... [Read More]
Two food entrepreneurs doing things differently... [Read More]