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they can be directly measured, with such exotic instruments as a "thermometer." Majorities of every group except the most conservative Republicans (who will trust their... [Read More]
Denying humanity's role in the changes is denialism. In recent years, leaders of the Republican Party have become aware that denying the existence of... [Read More]
Here's what experts in managing risks to human civilization think we should be doing instead. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns us that climate... [Read More]
His posthumously published book about our future offers fear and surprising optimism. Stephen Hawking has a final message for humanity: If robots don't get us,... [Read More]
The military says climate change is a "threat multiplier." It's still struggling to prepare for those threats. Hurricane Michael roared through the Florida Panhandle last... [Read More]
Americans don't just disagree on the issues. They disagree on what the issues are. Republicans and Democrats don't just disagree on the issues, though of... [Read More]
"I'm president, and you're not." "I'm president, and you're not," President Donald Trump told CBS's Lesley Stahl during an interview aired on 60 Minutes on... [Read More]
Trump's 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl shows a lot about who the president thinks is worth believing and when. President Donald Trump likes to... [Read More]
The general sat down with reporters to talk about the National Guard's Hurricane Michael response. He told us a lot more. The head of the... [Read More]
Individual consumer choices are a small contributor to climate change. That doesn't mean they don't matter. [Read More]
A chat with Paul Hawken about his ambitious effort to "map, measure, and model" global warming solutions. By now, the looming dangers of climate change... [Read More]
From pricing carbon to shifting diets, here's what we need to prioritize now. Climate scientists told us this week in a long-awaited United Nations... [Read More]
1.5 degrees Celsius of warming will be much worse than the 1 degree Celsius we're experiencing now. The new report from the Intergovernmental Panel... [Read More]
How to hit the most stringent targets, with no loopholes. What would it take to really tackle climate change? No delays, no gimmicks, no loopholes,... [Read More]
William Nordhaus and Paul Romer studied long-term economic growth. Nordhaus calculated the impacts of climate change. On the heels of a bracing report from... [Read More]
A UN panel of scientists says every bit of warming matters, and we're almost out of time to keep it in check. We have... [Read More]
The IPCC is likely to say that even the most optimistic scenario for climate change isn't great at all. The leading international body of... [Read More]
The IPCC is likely to say in a forthcoming report that even the most optimistic scenario for climate change isn't great at all. The... [Read More]