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On May 22, voters will determine key nominees for House and governor's races. May 2018's primary election season closes out this Tuesday, as Georgia, Kentucky,... [Read More]
The high-profile Democratic governor's race pits Stacey Abrams against Stacey Evans. Georgia's 2018 primary elections Tuesday will feature several marquee races that Democrats have... [Read More]
Six key Texas primaries will be decided Tuesday. Texas voters are making their final choices about which Democratic nominees will have a shot at knocking... [Read More]
According to a new report from Politico, Trump has bucked cellphone security protocols as president because they're too annoying to deal with. President Donald Trump,... [Read More]
Two Staceys enter, one Stacey leaves; plus, Republicans compete to be the harshest on immigration. Democrats, eying a potential blue wave in November, have Georgia... [Read More]
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