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including a Cabinet secretary... [Read More]
And still did nothing. It's becoming increasingly clear: The White House was well aware of credible allegations of domestic violence against former White House... [Read More]
Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby called out the church for not taking domestic abuse seriously enough. Last week, White House aide Rob Porter resigned from... [Read More]
Here's what we know. The White House changed its story on when it knew about allegations of domestic violence made against former White House... [Read More]
"We might be facing a situation we've never faced before." Former White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned last week following allegations that he physically... [Read More]
Colbie Holderness speaks out in a Washington Post op-ed Colbie Holderness, the first wife of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, is taking a... [Read More]
Dysfunction at the top, inexperience below: the White House's management crisis, explained. White House staff secretary Rob Porter's resignation over domestic violence accusations, followed by... [Read More]
"Due process isn't deaf, dumb, and blind." Dozens of power brokers have been the subject of allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct since Bill O'Reilly... [Read More]
Kellyanne Conway says Kelly has Trump's "full confidence." The White House is standing by Chief of Staff John Kelly as questions persist about his... [Read More]
#MeToo is hitting a little too close to home. Donald Trump doesn't give anyone the benefit of the doubt — not political enemies, journalists, or... [Read More]
Speechwriter David Sorensen is stepping down as the Rob Porter fallout is just beginning. Another top Trump administration official is resigning amid accusations of domestic... [Read More]
#MeToo does not apply to him. And given his tolerance for men acc... [Read More]
John Kelly once called women sacred. He hasn't exactly lived up to the ideal. "You know, when I was a kid growing up, a lot... [Read More]
The president's statement on Rob Porter erased his accusers. The latest excuse for assaulting women minimizes the violence so much we can contain it... [Read More]
Rob Porter, a top White House official, resigned Wednesday after allegations of domestic abuse against two of his ex-wives were reported by the Daily Mail... [Read More]
and recent defense of Porter... [Read More]
The president is said to be frustrated with his close aide over her handling of the White House's response to the abuse allegations. The fallout... [Read More]
President Trump said he wishes former White House staff secretary Rob Porter well, that he's going through a "tough time," and that he hopes he... [Read More]
In 2016, Kelly defended a Marine convicted of sexual misconduct — who was arrested again in 2017 for "indecent liberties" with children. New York... [Read More]
The White House staffer is resigning after his two ex-wives came forward to allege abuse. [Read More]