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Cheetos are headed to the big screen, and it's not an animated movie starring Chester Cheetah. In what Variety terms a "highly competitive sale" in... [Read More]
We as a society are dead-set on wringing every last word from author Stephen King, like he's a horror-writing orange with a fun Twitter presence,... [Read More]
Spoilers for Annihilation below.The specter of Tim Burton loomed over the production of Annihilation. Writer/director Alex Garland and production designer Mark Digby were in the... [Read More]
Spoilers for Annihilation below.In the feverish crescendo of Annihilation's wordless climax, the name Bobbi Jene crept into my otherwise paralyzed brain. I'm no modern dance... [Read More]
Vallejo, California, has got a rich musical history and some nagging demons. The funk and soul legends Sly Stone and Johnny Otis grew up in... [Read More]
Even if you're not that much of a blockbuster aficionado, there's a certain niche of films that may pique your interest: The always in demand... [Read More]
Antoni Porowski seems like a character imagined by Hanya Yanagihara: He's a beautiful man, with soft, dark eyes that betray a glimmer of turmoil underneath... [Read More]
Near the beginning of Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread, fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock, a man so dickish his name has two phallic puns, is dining... [Read More]
This week, a mysterious figure appeared on a 42-foot high billboard on the side of the Madame Tussauds wax museum, down the street from the... [Read More]
David Mamet has, for some reason, decided to add in his own perspective on the Harvey Weinstein story. In an interview with the Chicago Tribute,... [Read More]
Like your standard Jennifer Lawrence character, Jennifer Lawrence has gotten as far as she has in life as an outsider without a traditional education. In... [Read More]
With Josh Duhamel making an appearance on The Ellen Show, how could his ex-wife Fergie's national anthem performance not come up? While some argue that... [Read More]
Spoilers ahead for RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3.Has anyone ever leveled her pussy up quite like Aja has since season nine of RuPaul's Drag... [Read More]
Before there was George Clooney, dreamboat movie star, there was George Clooney, dreamboat TV doctor. As people have been revisiting ER after it went up... [Read More]
The Bachelor Winter Games is a success? Everyone found love? Not exactly. There is one big failure of The Bachelor universe and quite frankly, our... [Read More]
As we approach the one-year anniversary of that time the Oscars tried to bamboozle us into thinking La La Land was a better film than... [Read More]
In the video for "Make Me Feel" the artist Janelle Monáe employs bisexual lighting as a means of engaging with queerness and queer art. [Read More]
Joshua Dysart will be writing this new comics mini-series, which spins out of his 'Harbinger' and 'Imperium' runs. [Read More]
Finish Alex Garland's Annihilation and you'll find yourself sitting in a dark theater quietly murmuring, "What the…?" Finish Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation, meanwhile — the science-fiction... [Read More]