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This week, Vulture is looking closely at an array of evildoers, and the various projects in which they do evil.In late 2014, while Hollywood was... [Read More]
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The premise of the movie Okja is simple: A corporation develops a genetically modified six-ton "super-pig" to solve world hunger, then a girl named Mija... [Read More]
summer and winter, two seasons our forever-autumnal Rosewood has never seen! [Read More]
Marc Maron is at his best in "The Liberal Chokehold." A recap of the nineth episode of the Netflix series GLOW, starring Alison Brie and... [Read More]
After the Senate GOP's Trumpcare received a troubling CBO score, Stephen Colbert sees how Senators and Representatives were taking the news. [Read More]
Kendrick Lamar has left behind his Papal attire and taken up a pool cue as a bludgeoning instrument in the new video for "ELEMENT." It's... [Read More]
It's sort of a shame that Edgar Wright hasn't done more music videos. The writer-director has memorably blended sizzling scenes with titillating tunes on a... [Read More]
Since the early days of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the viewing public has been obsessed with sexy robots, so it's no surprise that people tuned into... [Read More]
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When I saw the promos for Downward Dog, I grimaced. A woman's life narrated by her dog? Her dog who actually talks, with its mouth... [Read More]
This week, Vulture is looking closely at an array of evildoers, and the various projects in which they do evil.Superman debuted in Action Comics No.... [Read More]
According to Seth Meyers, the Republicans' Senate health-care bill is like a slipknot tramp stamp: You definitely want to hide it, and the people who've... [Read More]
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