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Ofglen is gone. "She left nothing behind," Offred says, except her name, which was not even hers.Offred says that she is awake to the world... [Read More]
Ava DuVernay was feeling a little overwhelmed and underprepared walking into the annual Time 100 Gala on Tuesday. She was on the list of Time's... [Read More]
In its first season, Justin Simien's college drama Dear White People, about black students enrolled at a mostly white college, pulls off a feat that... [Read More]
Under normal circumstances, Dre Johnson's bratty, me-first perspective is one of Black-ish's most irritating qualities. But in "All Groan Up," Dre's tantrums suddenly feel justified... [Read More]
Yes, just to get this out of the way in advance: La La Land director Damien Chazelle's new TV show The Eddy is going to... [Read More]
Two years off in rock is like asking for extinction, but Fall Out Boy have never had a problem reinventing their sound to keep themselves... [Read More]
Back when movies like Jurassic Park and Hackers came out, Hollywood was still getting the hang of the whole "computer" thing. Scenes like Charlize Theron's... [Read More]
We've waited long enough for the proper debut of SZA, the hypnotic voice behind "Babylon" and "Drew Barrymore." With her new single "Love Drought," SZA... [Read More]
Nowadays, a raunchy adult comedy like Austin Powers would wear its R rating with pride, but back in 1997, the film needed to aim for... [Read More]
Covering the walls at every booth of Elisabeth Moss's favorite place, Café Fiorello, across the street from Lincoln Center, are brass plaques bearing the names... [Read More]
Joseph Fiennes isn't one to shy away from controversy. The actor currently stars in Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, where he plays... [Read More]
Everything that made Frank Ocean's Blonde and Endless exciting last year also seemed to frame the two releases as an orchestrated act of conscientious objection... [Read More]
What's a son without the woman who made his existence possible? And what's a mom without a reason to embarrass said son for the rest... [Read More]
When I ask J.D. Dillard where he wants to meet for our interview, he suggests an outdoor café at the Los Angeles County Museum of... [Read More]
Sibling relationships in sitcoms are invariably studies in contrast, two or more characters conceived as a reaction to one another. Black-ish's sibling pairings are no... [Read More]
Three years ago, director Justin Simien stormed Hollywood with Dear White People, his debut feature that knocked the wind out of Sundance with brazen racial... [Read More]
Every week, there is a reveal on Empire that cements its place as a nighttime soap worthy of standing up against the greats of days... [Read More]
There's a scene early on in American Gods, the best-selling 2001 fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman, where someone accuses a man of being a "hustler."... [Read More]
Underground is most indispensable when it's unsentimental. [Read More]
Archer has long kept Krieger planted firmly in the periphery, even while affording him a richness of character detail. He started off as the office... [Read More]