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Throughout producer Harvey Weinstein's sexual abuse scandal, his brother and Weinstein Company co-founder Bob Weinstein has maintained that, while he knew Harvey was chronically unfaithful... [Read More]
I've been recapping this show for a good long while, but I haven't spent enough time writing about Gina Rodriguez's performance as Jane. Sure, I've... [Read More]
Considering season one's theme song was absurdly catchy and season two's turned out to be a surprise major plot point, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had a high... [Read More]
Faster than you can say "She already done had herses," RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars is back with a third season. In a preview episode,... [Read More]
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had their cars broken into and robbed; their security guards draw guns on the thief. [Read More]
In leaving the old Taylor behind, the songwriter seems to have borrowed from well-worn pop clichÃ... [Read More]
Orphan Black's Jordan Gavaris says APA agent accused of sexual assault also repeatedly harassed him. [Read More]
Colin Farrell is burdened with one of the great faces among modern leading men. Pleading eyes that can be romantic one minute, cold as ice... [Read More]
At a press conference called by Gloria Allred on Friday, yet another woman came forward with a story of sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein. Heather... [Read More]
Finn Wolfhard is no longer working with talent agency APA in the wake of sexual-assault allegations against his agent. Earlier this week, former actor Blaise... [Read More]
As a revisitation of the history behind the extremely short-lived Dana Carvey Show, Too Big to Fail is like a lot of documentaries. If you... [Read More]
Blade Runner's Sean Young is the newest woman to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. During an appearance on the Dudley and Bob With Matt... [Read More]
There are a few things Diana Oh doesn't have time for these days. Notably: assholes and subtlety. A few days ago, I saw Oh —... [Read More]
TMZ reports that Mariah Carey is the latest victim in a string of home robberies in Los Angeles. According to police, the burglars broke into... [Read More]
Even when David Letterman was mean to him, Jay Leno thought it was funny. In a personal essay for The Hollywood Reporter, Leno has congratulated... [Read More]
Statistics! Statistics! Call Me by Your Name star Timothée Chalamet was a high-school rap prodigy, according to a video uncovered by blogger My New Plaid... [Read More]
In a scene from the new Netflix series Mindhunter, an FBI agent asks, "How do we get ahead of crazy if we don't know how... [Read More]
Hello, gorgeous. No doubt you woke up this morning alerted to the news that, shock-horror, Taylor Swift did a thing. It's unclear if we made... [Read More]
If you love the Riverdale teens: River's EdgeOne of my favorite things about Riverdale is its extremely teenage obsession with noir. It's not a show... [Read More]
Niall Horan wasn't the leader of One Direction, but he might've been the heart. He radiated easygoing charm and mischievous humor onstage and just about... [Read More]