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Caroline's new headship involves the family moving to a ramshackle farmhouse in Huddersfield in time for Christmas. Alan has a difficult conversation with Gillian about... [Read More]
This week: more fallout in Florida from the growing number of sexual harassment allegations. Senator Marco Rubio supports the Republican tax plan despite failing to... [Read More]
In this special episode of Up Close, Cathy sits down with PBS NewsHour's Judy Woodruff as she receives the Poynter Medal for Lifetime Achievement in... [Read More]
This week: Police have arrested a suspect in the Seminole Heights serial killer case. John Morgan won't run for the democratic nomination for governor. The... [Read More]
TAMPA, FL (December 4, 2017)In answer to how a show about the past evolves for the future, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visits Sarasota, Florida on Thursday, April... [Read More]
The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has honored WEDU PBS, West Central Florida's PBS station, with two Suncoast Regional Emmy® Awards. The first... [Read More]
This week: For people who like to combine humor and history—have we got a show for you! It's all about the strange state of Florida…NASCAR,... [Read More]
This week: The governor reveals his proposed state budget that includes more money for education, but wants that additional money to come from local property... [Read More]
Watch Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies videos on demand. Stream full episodes online. Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies matches the epic scale of... [Read More]
New types of innovative and nontraditional cancer treatments, research and funding are making a real difference in remission rates and quality of life for patients.... [Read More]
The 1963 March on Washington was a pivotal moment in the Civil Rights Movement. More than 250,000 people joined in peaceful demonstration for racial and... [Read More]
"I had never seen anything like that in my experience as a reporter." Jerry Blizen, who now resides in Tarpon Springs, was Washington correspondent of... [Read More]
"We were really strong minded people and able to endure all of that kind of hatred, but the more incidents that happened to us, the... [Read More]
"Who I am today, and what I have done in my life was greatly, greatly impacted by my being a part of that movement." Leola... [Read More]
"This became a message of the transcendence of difference, and that a country could pull together for the greater good for all of its people.... [Read More]
"The March taught us to speak in a voice for those who were disenfranchised that those who could not speak for themselves." Althea Kironde-Lee was... [Read More]
"I knew it would be something special, but I did not at the time understand how significant that speech would become." Bill McCloud was a... [Read More]
"I was inspired to take part in the movement because of personal treatment that we were receiving in Alabama." Born in Mountain Brook, Alabama, Aaron... [Read More]
"Injustices are very prominent in our lives today, and all that we have experienced continues to affect how we live." Gwendolyn Powell had just graduated... [Read More]
"It is not ever over. It's like polishing a diamond or painting your house. America is a continuum and you have to keep working on... [Read More]