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TONIGHT: Cloudy with increasing rain by morning. Winds: NE 5-10. Low: 55. [Read More]
The Cowboys haven't gotten much production from their wideouts and now the injury bug has bitten. Could a move be next?        ... [Read More]
The CDC has been investigating at least 386 possible cases of acute flaccid myelitis dating back to 2014, and recently confirmed 62 cases in 22... [Read More]
According to a press release the overflow volume was 100,000 gallons which poured into White Rock Creek.        ... [Read More]
Chris became one of the more than 450,000 unemployed United States veterans.        ... [Read More]
Have no fear, you'll be able to hang out for a few more hours because of all the bad weather we've had the last couple... [Read More]
With more rain expected over the next 48 hours, homeowners in flood-prone Horseshoe Bend are bracing for flooding.        ... [Read More]
Many Texans are paying more property taxes than ever because of rising home values.        ... [Read More]
The tragic death of their son attracted worldwide attention. People protested and demanded swift justice.        ... [Read More]
The last physical sign of that era, in Irving, is slowly going away.        ... [Read More]
Sewer discharge is flowing across the sidewalk and into the streets.        ... [Read More]
Dallas, which has a median home value of $172,500, according to the U.S. Census and Data USA, could see home prices rise by 2.7 percent.        ... [Read More]
In five years, Wilson anticipates that the Tom & Sheri's line will expand beyond the Iron in the Bottle spray.        ... [Read More]
Realistic" bids for the massive property and its water rights will start around $35 to $40 million.        ... [Read More]
If the e-commerce and technology giant picks the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the decision making won't stop there.        ... [Read More]
The officer, who was not injured in the incident, fired his weapon into a vehicle, which then sped away, striking at least two cars before... [Read More]
Desi dreams of parents that like to learn, explore and travel.        ... [Read More]
All Coppell ISD students were safely evacuated by a school bus driver before a fire engulfed the vehicle in Irving.        ... [Read More]
Frank Kent Cadillac just wanted to "take care of our clients and give you a secondary mode of transportation, which is this killer kayak."        ... [Read More]
A woman who intentionally pushed a man into the road late Tuesday night in Lake Highlands has been arrested for murder.        ... [Read More]