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Chef Jamie Saunders stops by the studio to show you how to make vegetable quesadillas! FacebookTwitterPinterestEmailMore... [Read More]
Dawn Yager of Shanti Yoga stops by the studio to explain how to wind yourself down for the evening and create a healthy and effective... [Read More]
Karen Mack of Shoreline Realty stops by the studio to explain what "HOA" fees entail.  Plus, she shares the featured property of the week.  For... [Read More]
Alabama beat Georgia 26-23 in overtime to win its fifth national championship! If you can't tell, B.J. Kinard was unhappy with the outcome. He's calling... [Read More]
Nicole Young-Cline of Young Talkers was in the studio today to talk about a conference being hosted by Champion Autism Network on Thursday, January 18th,... [Read More]
Want to experience peacefulness on every level?  Dawn Yager of Shanti Yoga stops by the studio to explain how to meditate and Abbi tries it... [Read More]
Greg stops by MVP Training Studio to hear about the importance of balancing your cardio with a weight training routine. FacebookTwitterPinterestEmailMore... [Read More]
Are juice cleanses worth all the hype around them?  Dr. Akoury stops by to break down the trend as many Americans are trying to get... [Read More]
Greg is going to be a presenter at this year's awards on January 22nd.  93.9's Sweet T and Jimmy G stop by the studio to... [Read More]
Dawn Yager of Shanti Yoga stops by to talk about the importance of setting an intention, and why you should constantly be reminding yourself of... [Read More]