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A DNA analysis of U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren found "strong evidence" that she has Native American heritage, a Stanford University professor said. Dr. Carlos Bustamante, a... [Read More]
A federal court will decide whether Harvard discriminates against Asian-American applicants. [Read More]
Major medical findings have come out of the study, in which thousands of Framingham residents have taken part over the decades. [Read More]
Many families are back home, but things are definitely not back to normal. [Read More]
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The chief restoration officer for NiSource, Columbia Gas' parent company, says he understands residents' anxiety, but the company has "the experience to ensure that their... [Read More]
Take credit for that killer PowerPoint presentation, or for running a 4-minute mile if you want. But at the end of the day, Robert Sapolsky... [Read More]
Humanity is simultaneously incredibly kind and incredibly violent. We commit indescribable atrocities, but also acts of incomprehensible compassion. There is both horror and beauty in... [Read More]
Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney famously declared that "corporations are people" while on the campaign trail in 2011. The Iowa State Fair crowd jeered him... [Read More]
Federal lawsuit targets race as a consideration in selecting college students. [Read More]
The China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation brought new manufacturing jobs to western Mass., but the future is uncertain. [Read More]
Columbia Gas said it is processing more than 19,000 claims from businesses, housing tenants and homeowners, but would not say how many have been paid. [Read More]
If brunch is your favorite meal then you probably know of The Farmer's Daughter in Easton, especially since they serve the meal every day of... [Read More]
In the first gubernatorial debate, both candidates stick to their guns -- and scripts. [Read More]
The benefit will be calculated based on the rank of sergeant, which Michael Chesna was posthumously promoted to after the July shooting. [Read More]
A listener from Gloucester asks, "Really? Under penalty of law?" [Read More]
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on what old, white Republican men revealed about themselves during the Kavanaugh confirmation process. [Read More]
Art Caplan, the director of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, joined Boston Public Radio to discuss why Physicians vote less... [Read More]
Is the dinner table fair game to protest a politician? [Read More]
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