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A tow truck driver was shot after witnesses said he got into a fight with another driver in Dorchester. Witnesses said the... [Read More]
An 80-year-old woman in Sunapee, New Hampshire is recovering after she was attacked by a bobcat in her garden. Elsie Dabrowski... [Read More]
A man was convicted Monday of murder in the death of a 2-year-old girl who became known as Baby Doe after her... [Read More]
Police in New Orleans say they have arrested a man in connection with a brutal beating and robbery of two Boston... [Read More]
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was joined by NBA star Steph Curry on the green this weekend for a golf game. Brady shared... [Read More]
At the tender age of 24, Chance the Rapper has accepted the humanitarian award during the BET Awards on Sunday for his work in his... [Read More]
A biker in California was arrested after police said he smashed a car's mirror while on the highway. Police said the... [Read More]
State Police are warning parents about a new feature on a popular social media app that could pose a risk to children and teens. Privacy... [Read More]
Massachusetts State Police are warning parents about a new feature on a popular social media app that could pose a risk to children and teens.... [Read More]
The suspect accused of stabbing another man over the weekend in Quincy was in court Monday. The Florida man was arrested... [Read More]
A great white shark was spotted Sunday off the coast of Scituate, Massachusetts. Photos posted to Twitter by Kyle Osborne show the large shark in... [Read More]
Police and EMS crews responded to a two-vehicle crash involving a school bus in Roxbury. The incident happened near 210 Warren Street in Roxbury. Police... [Read More]
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which first launched in 1991, is coming back! On Sept. 29, the beloved console is coming back to... [Read More]
A 7-year-old boy has been charged after police said he peed on some steaks his neighbor was grilling in their... [Read More]
Can't get enough of The Originals? Watch as Executive Producer Michael Narducci breaks down the season finale! [Read More]
Check out this scene from the season finale of The Originals! [Read More]
Authorities in Massachusetts say a body was found Monday morning in the Taunton River. Fall River firefighters recovered the body... [Read More]
The MSPCA says a six-month-old cat is "lucky to be alive" after it fell out of a sixth-story window in its Jamaica Plain home. Nora... [Read More]
TSA workers find all sorts of things in luggage that aren't supposed to be there, but a recent find is among one of the more... [Read More]
A longtime friend of the man convicted Monday of killing Bella Bond says he is thankful for the jury's decision. "People don't... [Read More]