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After the North River flooded on Monday, there was a feeling of relief around Bridgewater on Tuesday as flood waters begin to recede. [Read More]
Now that water levels are going down, we're starting to see some of the damage across the county. [Read More]
The Churchville Volunteer Fire Department says they've had about a dozen calls from people with flooding in their homes. [Read More]
The need for assistance will likely grow to new levels, putting bigger demands on the agencies offering life-saving help now. [Read More]
The tornado had wind speeds up to 125 mph... [Read More]
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Stover Shop Road is currently closed for repair... [Read More]
Some items needed include leashes, crates and food... [Read More]
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Seventy-nine people from more than 30 countries were sworn in as United States citizens on Tuesday during a ceremony at the Frontier Culture Museum. [Read More]
A 63-year-old woman has pleaded guilty to possessing the poison ricin in Virginia. [Read More]