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Virginia is getting more money where it really needs it. The money is to help victim's of sexual assault. Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Jeff Goldberg explains in... [Read More]
President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that the United States will either withdraw from or seek to renegotiate the terms of the 2015 Paris climate... [Read More]
A neurologist in practice in Manassas and Reston has been arrested and charged with prescription fraud.Police say Ishtiaq Ahmad, M.D., prescribed pain medications without having... [Read More]
With end of the school year on the horizon and families planning summer vacations, we want to give parents some tips on how to keep... [Read More]
The recent DUI arrest of golf star Tiger Woods has brought the issue of drugged driving to the public's attention. Police found Woods asleep in his... [Read More]
Fox Sports 1 commentator Jason Whitlock is at the center of controversy after disagreeing with LeBron James' viewpoint that "being black in America is tough."CloseOn... [Read More]
Retired pro football player Leland Melvin thought his road to the NFL was an incredible journey - until he climbed aboard the shuttle Atlantis and... [Read More]
Police are searching for a 1-year-old girl and a 16-year-old girl who are missing Thursday after they were seen on May 31 in Southeast Washington.Brooklyn... [Read More]
The alleged taunting and assault of a black man in Harford County this past Saturday is being investigated as a potential hate crime police say.According... [Read More]
Many still aren't sure exactly  what kind of reaction Kathy Griffin wanted us to have or expected when she posed for a photo with a... [Read More]