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Roger Leon discusses challenges facing students in Newark and how he is making sure students are getting the best education possible; Anjalee Khemlani covers the... [Read More]
Domestic violence, mistaken identity and forced institutionalization are part of this gripping mystery, based on a novel from the mid-19th century. [Read More]
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Polls show health care is one of the top issues for Americans this year. In heavily Republican Idaho, where state lawmakers haven't expanded Medicaid coverage,... [Read More]
 We continue our New York's Opioid Crisis coverage in partnership with the state's Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS). [Read More]
As police departments across the country work to repair and bolster their relationships with communities, a citizen group in New York City is aiming to... [Read More]
PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode... [Read More]
Hurricane Michael, the most powerful hurricane ever to hit the Florida Panhandle, killed at least 18 people and trapped others, with hundreds still unaccounted for.... [Read More]
This Election Day, more than six million Americans will be unable to vote due to a felony conviction. A quarter of those people live in... [Read More]
Modern Meadow, a New Jersey-based startup, is using biotechnology to produce material that looks and feels similar to leather. The company says that producing this... [Read More]
Civil war has raged in Syria and Yemen for years. Though each conflict is distinct, there are some striking similarities. Today, we go deep on... [Read More]
As part of a statewide initiative, MetroFocus, NOVA, and Frontline programs will touch on the topics of addiction, health services and policy with experts and... [Read More]
With every new advance in prenatal genetic screening, the ability to prevent suffering has also sparked difficult questions about what should count as "a disease"... [Read More]
Dr. Natalia Borrego works with lion whisperer Kevin Richardson to carry out lion IQ tests. She believes that they are the smartest of all the... [Read More]
Next week, PBS stations and state officials partner up in the fight against addiction. Tonight in a preview of our coverage. [Read More]
On "National Coming Out Day," Zeke Thomas, the son of NBA legend Isiah Thomas, shares his story of self-acceptance. [Read More]
Cuba Gooding Jr. is back on the big screen and the Broadway stage! [Read More]
A warning was issued by the U.N. Budget brawl in the Garden State. Queens is the birthplace of religious freedom in the U.S. "Frontline to... [Read More]
Our "Frontline to Home Front" series hits home with roughly 500,000 veterans and their families living in the city. [Read More]
F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" has captured the imaginations of readers for nearly a century. Now, we go back in time to show you... [Read More]