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Eva Hesse on why she always felt different, alone and apart from others. [Read More]
Have lethal gangs like MS-13, the Bloods and the Crips replaced the once powerful old school Mafia? The answer will surprise you. [Read More]
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Long Island schools ramp up security as a safeguard against possible attacks. We have the details. [Read More]
University of Maryland football player Jordan McNair, 19, was hospitalized in May after he had trouble breathing and standing upright during practice. His death two... [Read More]
Lark Mason appraises a Chinese Cloisonné enamel & hardwood throne & footstool in Phoenix, Hour 3... [Read More]
A scathing new grand jury report in Pennsylvania describes decades of sexual abuse by Catholic priests. At least 1,000 children were molested by more than... [Read More]
Five years ago, Egyptian security forces opened fire on a protest tent city in Cairo, killing at least 800. What led to that day was... [Read More]
Who's up? Who's down? And who has momentum in New York State going into this week? All are in the headlines, but can you guess... [Read More]
It was once an epicenter where the underworld met the elite. Tonight, we take you inside the "New 42nd Street". [Read More]
"If you've ever had a moment of road rage, or acted impulsively to fend off a pickpocket or bully, you know the feeling," says author... [Read More]
Volunteers from some of the world's biggest food producers, who decades ago took food-making from kitchen to the factory, are offering guidance to African entrepreneurs... [Read More]
No matter what you may think about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the more than 3 million men and women who have fought are... [Read More]
In our news wrap Monday, the prosecution rested its case against former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort. Also, Peter Strzok, the FBI agent singled out... [Read More]
Mariela's brother Roilan has fled. Pita questions the rosy picture that so many Cubans have of life in the U.S. [Read More]
On the show today Ian profiles Pakistan's shiny new leader and then heads to DC to talk with former NATO ambassador Victoria Nuland about why... [Read More]
In their never-ending bucket list journey, the Brass Sisters discover what a food incubator is, learning about chutney, out of the ordinary cookies and savory... [Read More]
Hundreds have been killed in the battle for Ghazni between government forces and the Taliban over the last three days. Taking back the city, which... [Read More]
White supremacists gathered in Washington, D.C., on Sunday for a rally to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly "Unite The Right" event in Charlottesville,... [Read More]
Thousands of young people are admitted each year to the U.S. as cultural exchange participants through the J-1 visa program, often to work as live-in... [Read More]