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American snowboarder Jamie Anderson is bringing home another piece of hardware from the Olympic Games. [Read More]
The NBA is fining Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban 600-thousand-dollars for comments detrimental to the league. [Read More]
A new study saws when it comes to making it into your nineties, a glass of wine beats a run. [Read More]
Rosie O'Donnell's full-fledged anti-Trump meltdown continued Tuesday, with the liberal comic attacking UN Am... [Read More]
California imposed a 10-day waiting period for firearm purchases. [Read More]
Two survivors at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in southern Florida used "Kevlar sheets" from a Ju... [Read More]
Defense lawyers say State Senator didn't know firm he was shilling for was crooked... [Read More]
The medals are being given to three Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps cadets... [Read More]
San Antonio Firefighters Union says Sheryl Sculley's $475,000 salary is outrageous and leads to an 'imbalance of power.'... [Read More]
At Page Middle School in SAISD... [Read More]
Singer issued a statement on the controversy... [Read More]
If you could only choose between Apple and Cherry, which would you pick? [Read More]
Talks about gun control proposals with 1200 WOAI news during a stop with Congressman Joaquin Castro... [Read More]
Would be implanted in your arm, so you would get the meds you need without having to remember to take them... [Read More]
Could see heavy rains, especially later today, tonight, and Wednesday... [Read More]
Prominent State Senator charged with defrauding investors in a fracking sand company... [Read More]
Which has translated into sharply higher appraised values...and sharply higher property taxes... [Read More]
52 year old woman was 'taking a walk' on the access road shortly after midnight... [Read More]
Jack Black NAILING The National Anthem... [Read More]
February 20th is Hoodie Hoo Day! [Read More]