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A metro teen made it her mission to help stock the Bellevue Food Pantry. [Read More]
The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is looking at a way to make drones an integral piece of equipment in accident investigations. [Read More]
Whether it's a neighborhood nuisance or a public eyesore, viewers have contacted Six On Your Side for help. [Read More]
A jury found a metro woman guilty of child and sexual abuse in court on Monday. [Read More]
A traveling mishap followed by a pleasant surprise has one family asking for help to locate a kindhearted stranger. [Read More]
It's the time of year when the city council and mayor create a 'legislative wish list.'... [Read More]
A metro area school is representing the state of Nebraska in this year's national Christmas tree display. [Read More]
While many families may be looking to adopt a puppy or kitten, the Nebraska Humane society wants to remind potential pet families about the benefits... [Read More]
A suspected killer walked free Monday. [Read More]
A group of Omaha Public Power District employees had a Christmas tree decorating contest on Monday and demonstrated how to put up the festive tree... [Read More]
As the clouds decrease a cold night is in store but the rest of the week appears to be much warmer! [Read More]
In the outdoor decoration business, Thanksgiving is often overlooked between Halloween characters and Christmas light shows. [Read More]