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If the books can't be recovered, FEMA will reimburse the teacher for the loss. [Read More]
Whether they were taken or misplaced, the cost of the supplies will be repaid by FEMA. [Read More]
Two local school boards have decided how to make up the days missed during and after Hurricane Irma. [Read More]
Experts say the rains have made the ground so heavy it can cause it to collapse. [Read More]
The story of the man's honesty has gone viral, but he says it's no big deal. [Read More]
       ... [Read More]
There will be some who decide they don't want to visit Tampa Bay in the wake of Hurricane Irma. [Read More]
A marketing plan aims to get out the message that the area is still open for business. [Read More]
Over 1,000 people have reported loved ones missing using this website.         ... [Read More]
Over 1,000 people have reported loved ones missing using this website. [Read More]
Dozens of people volunteered to help rescue people who were stranded by Hurricane Irma. [Read More]
Here's how you can see if you're a victim of the data breach. [Read More]
A batch of mistakenly sent out messages say someone bought baby presents. [Read More]
Some people along the Withlacoochee River intend to stay as long as they can. [Read More]
Why have we seen so many strong hurricanes this year? [Read More]
A website lets people check on those in the storm zone. [Read More]
Heartbreaking videos appear in the aftermath of Mexico's earthquake. [Read More]
The congresswoman describes being in the center of the storm. [Read More]
The hurricane has already killed 7 people across the Carribean. [Read More]
The quake comes as Mexico is reeling from a magnitude-7.1 earthquake that collapsed buildings and killed at least 225 people.        ... [Read More]