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Gainesville residents did not have equal access to energy and water in the wake of the hurricane; the reasons stretch back to the city's historic... [Read More]
Once Hawthorne Middle/High School in May earned a D rating on the state accountability report, school officials chose the option to try one last time... [Read More]
Are you curious about something in your community? Let us know, and we'll report the answer as part of our Find Out Florida series. [Read More]
We're midway through a pivotal school year at Hawthorne Middle/High School, where anything less than a C grade on this year's school accountability report would... [Read More]
A U.S. House tax-overhaul plan would have made graduate students pay federal income taxes on tuition charges that get waived in exchange for duties like... [Read More]
In 2015, the FCC approved net neutrality rules aimed at requiring ISPs to treat all websites and online content the same. It classified high-speed internet... [Read More]
Energy comes at a much greater cost for Gainesville's poor, from the portion of income spent on utilities to the number of days without power... [Read More]
.longform #custom-background... [Read More]
Local experts in midwifery say the practice is becoming more popular among expecting mothers and those wanting to become midwives themselves, and national numbers from... [Read More]
title / artist / album / record label HOUR ONE / 8:00 P.M. EASTERN Lover's Holiday / Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson / Beach... [Read More]
Lake Forest Elementary's grade went to a C from five years of F's once Karla Hutchinson started working at the school. [Read More]
Newberry officials are exploring the possibility of an agri-tech research park, and they say it would bring high-profile jobs to the community. [Read More]
Micanopy Pastor Chris Stok... [Read More]
Rachel Nosacka was forced to re-home Buddy, her miniature pot-bellied pig, after the city of Gainesville said it was against code to own a pig... [Read More]
Flooding issues have persisted in certain parts of the county for years. Some residents have lost their homes to flooding multiple times. [Read More]
Nine hotels in the works, all of which are expected to open over the next year. [Read More]
In extreme cases, the mental health issues can lead to suicide at the jail, which often prompts discussions on the placement and treatment of such... [Read More]
Alachua County is considering whether to memorialize the lynchings that happened in the area between the years of 1891 and 1926. [Read More]
Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos' plan — first talked about officially in August but a long-term idea he's had since before he was elected in 2016 — includes... [Read More]
Questions of purpose are eternal on... [Read More]