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Have you seen any meteors streaking across the sky tonight? NASA announced the annual Geminid meteor shower's arrival on Wednesday, December 13. [Read More]
Target just purchased a same-day delivery service to meet customer demand. [Read More]
A Texas mother was arrested and accused of unnecessarily subjecting her young son to more than a dozen surgeries and hundreds of hospital visits. [Read More]
Chief Meteorologist David Aldrich has your forecast. [Read More]
Over a million VR headseats were shipped in 2017, but are the buyers aware of the potential dangers that virtual reality represents? [Read More]
If you love hearing Christmas carols, there's now an option for you to hear one on demand. [Read More]
Heaps of trash have filled a lot in a Rockford neighborhood—and some neighbors said they're concerned about how it will affect them. [Read More]
'It's just the passion that we have to serve whether it's law enforcement, EMS, or fire,' said John Linsenbigler, the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department Chief.... [Read More]
Did you ask Google any of these? [Read More]
Some days, members of Knoxville's homeless community may not have anywhere to go—but they know they can count on a hot meal every Wednesday. [Read More]
The Emergency Operations Center located at 605 Bernard Avenue was dedicated in memory of former KEMA director Alan Lawson on Wednesday. [Read More]
Candles add a nice touch to holiday decor, but the flames could be costly or even deadly. [Read More]
This blind dog and his service dog-slash-best-friend would be lost without each other. They're waiting to be adopted together at Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville. [Read More]
This blind dog and his best-friend would be lost without each other. They're waiting to be adopted together at Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville. [Read More]
School buses carrying children to and from Maryville City Schools may soon bear a phone number drivers can call to report safety complaints or concerns. [Read More]
The leftovers are probably about gone and it's time to start cooking again. [Read More]
The suspect in at least one dentist office burglary has been caught on camera, and Knoxville Police need the public's help to identify him. [Read More]
Rep. Diane Black says was sexually harassed while serving in the Tennessee legislature and is determined to do something about it in Congress. [Read More]
After a very cold morning, we're steadily climbing in temperature and wind speed. [Read More]
At least 12 people were taken to the hospital Wednesday morning after an incident at an Athens mill. [Read More]