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When Gen. John Kelly became White House chief of staff on July 31, 2017, the only variable was when, not if, the following would be... [Read More]
Two weeks ago in this space, I asked what was to blame for the weakness of the heads of government here and in Western Europe. [Read More]
City officials in Albany, N.Y., are actively targeting a faith-based adoption provider because it's facilitating adoptions, unafraid to hide its religious origins. [Read More]
Arrests of gang members trying to cross the border illegally rose at least 50 percent from 2017 to 2018, a senior Homeland Security official said... [Read More]
There is so much wrong with Sports Illustrated's decision to have Christine Blasey Ford present its 2018 Inspiration of the Year award, it is hard... [Read More]
April Glaspie famously quipped, "We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait." [Read More]
The Department of Homeland Security has no intention of paying $50,000 to each of the 6,000 migrants who traveled in caravans from Central America to... [Read More]
House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows is out of contention to replace White House chief of staff John Kelly. [Read More]
Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, was selected by Sports Illustrated to present an award honoring... [Read More]
More than 650 families are being sent to Disney World this year as part of Snowball Express, a program aimed at helping Gold Star families... [Read More]
Senators voted Wednesday to advance a proposal that would for the first time put a check on the president's use of military force abroad. [Read More]
A trio of senators who have been critical of leaks of classified information are asking a federal judge to spare a former aide from prison... [Read More]
LinkedIn is Facebook for unemployed people — and apparently the first place Tom Steyer looks for talent to staff a potential 2020 presidential run. [Read More]
Several articles have been published in the last few months about "Fortnite" and children becoming addicted to it. At the end of November, Bloomberg reported... [Read More]
A senior adviser and former acting secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Peter O'Rourke, has resigned under pressure after White House officials were informed... [Read More]
Arkansas officials will start letting people on Medicaid report their work requirements by phone, saying they wanted to see more people participate in the program. [Read More]
The San Diego Union-Tribune's Gustavo Solis has an excellent article on the new scheme by which a group of migrants in Tijuana are attempting to... [Read More]
Former President Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's sentencing to three years in jail, whatever its tangible implications, could make it more difficult for Nancy Pelosi to... [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged United Nations members on Wednesday to maintain an arms embargo against Iran that is scheduled to lapse in 2020... [Read More]
One of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' go-to arguments for defense spending is that the U.S. can afford survival. But that argument is about to be... [Read More]
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