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A recent Pew Research Center poll has found a deep ideological divide on climate change between younger and older Republicans. A plurality of millennial Republicans... [Read More]
Famed baseball manager Sparky Anderson once said, "a baseball manager is a necessary evil." [Read More]
When innocent lives are taken in school shootings or other mass tragedies, we should come together, as a nation, mourn with the families and friends... [Read More]
The House and Senate are going to have to negotiate to pass a measure they wrote to police themselves. [Read More]
The right to life is the most fundamental human right, and history will not smile tomorrow on those who consider it expendable today. [Read More]
Where once a presidency seemed to depend on what the meaning of "is" is, 20 years later one may rest on the meaning of "spy." [Read More]
Joshua Holt, a 26-year-old American from Utah who was held in captivity for two years, has landed in U.S. [Read More]
The man who once served as Roger Stone's WikiLeaks intermediary, New York radio personality Randy Credico, claimed Friday during an interview on MSNBC that he... [Read More]
Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page blames the FBI for costing him his girlfriend and livelihood. [Read More]
Actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sees Scott Pruitt as the worst administrator the Environmental Protection Agency has ever had. [Read More]
President Trump complained Saturday that the FBI hadn't informed him of its probe of Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election in its early stages... [Read More]
Five former Citgo executives who are U.S. citizens remain detained in Venezuela following the surprise Saturday release of former Mormon missionary Joshua Holt. [Read More]
The movement is meant to target the Washington Capitals for imploring their fans on social media with the rallying cry, "#ALLCAPS." [Read More]
Alan Bean, the fourth human to walk on the moon, died at the age of 86 on Saturday. [Read More]
"Any residents remaining in the current affected areas should evacuate now," said an emergency message sent by the County of Hawaii Civil Defense. [Read More]
The letter from the White House came in response to one she sent asking Trump to meet with the family members of the victims of... [Read More]
Irish voters overwhelmingly repealed a constitutional ban on abortions and asked the country's parliament to enact laws that reflect the popular will and make abortions... [Read More]
Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden claims Russian President Vladimir Putin is President Trump's favorite person. [Read More]
Reporters called out President Trump on Saturday for claiming the New York Times falsely reported that a White House official told them it would be... [Read More]
Ken Starr, the independent counsel who investigated former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, said Saturday that Rudy Giuliani is an asset to President Trump... [Read More]
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