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Republican Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin conceded defeat to Democratic challenger Andy Beshear after Bevin's challenge to razor-thin gubernatorial election results last week did not alter... [Read More]
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is growing increasingly convinced President Trump abused his power and is leaving the door open to voting on articles... [Read More]
THE DAMAGE IS BEING DONE: The agreement announced this week to keep funding the government through another continuing resolution for another five weeks averts a... [Read More]
More than 75% of the 473,682 people who illegally crossed the southern border into the United States as part of a family during fiscal 2019... [Read More]
Sixty-five diamonds and a shady chauffeur underpin the investigation that doomed former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin and grew into an impeachment investigation targeting President... [Read More]
Democrats are calling it extortion, while Republicans say it's a sham impeachment proceeding. [Read More]
Republican House members opened the first public impeachment hearing with a boisterous, partisan defense of President Trump that analysts and strategists said would help mobilize... [Read More]
Last week, Ben Shapiro spoke at Stanford University. His speech was a powerful rebuke of the alt-right. But for some on the campus Left, Shapiro,... [Read More]
The Equal Rights Amendment, the feminist amendment to the Constitution that seemingly ran aground in the early 1980s, has gained fresh momentum, as Democratic victories... [Read More]
Michael Bloomberg has just delivered his latest delicious hint about running for president. Eric Holder is fresh from taking credit for the new Democratic legislative... [Read More]
ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd faced heavy criticism after making an allegedly sexist attack against a Republican lawmaker over Twitter on Wednesday. [Read More]
Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he will name the Ukraine whistleblower once he has confirmed the person's identity. [Read More]
It has been eight days since the public first learned from a leaked video of journalist Amy Robach that ABC News executives in 2016 spiked... [Read More]
One of special counsel Robert Mueller's top prosecutors is offering advice to House Democrats for their impeachment proceedings against President Trump. [Read More]
Rep. Mike Quigley defended the impeachment testimony of two witnesses by asserting that hearsay evidence is sometimes admitted into court. [Read More]
Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii is a bit like failed 2020 Democratic candidate Beto O'Rourke in that she is living proof that there is at... [Read More]
When National Security Council staffer Tim Morrison privately testified to House investigators last month, Republicans touted the fact that he said he didn't see anything... [Read More]
Attorney General William Barr said a release is "imminent" for the Justice Department inspector general's report on alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses. [Read More]
The first public hearing in the impeachment investigation of President Trump produced more heat than light. [Read More]
Newly appointed White House aide Tony Sayegh will try to bring cohesion to a disorderly White House impeachment response amid internal backbiting, polls that have... [Read More]
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