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Jacqueline Klimas A veterans service organization slammed President Obama Tuesday night for commuting the sentence of felons while not pardoning those who had been kicked out of the military for behavior linked to... [Read More]
Republicans considering a 2018 Senate bid are being advised to meet with President-elect Trump to ensure they have his seal of approval. Trump isn't demanding that potential Republican Senate candidates and incumbents seek... [Read More]
Two hundred foreign diplomats and 500 guests of President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence honored Presidential Inaugural Committee Chair Tom Barrack at dinner Tuesday night while sipping on $32 bottles of wine... [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, along with their wives, will attend all three inaugural balls on Friday night as is tradition for newly minted commanders in chief, the Presidential Inaugural... [Read More]
Daniel Chaitin People's trust in political polling is on the decline. But don't pin all, or even most, of the blame on pollsters, says polling guru Nate Silver. In a Tuesday evening... [Read More]
People's trust in political polling is on the decline. But don't pin all, or even most, of the blame on pollsters, says polling guru Nate Silver. In a Tuesday evening blog post on... [Read More]
President Obama's decision Tuesday to commute the sentence of Chelsea Manning, an Army private who was serving 35 years in prison for passing classified documents to WikiLeaks, has drawn comparisons to his harsh... [Read More]
Becket Adams A lot of people don't know that editors, and not reporters, write most news headlines. Reporters do the brunt of the work. [Read More]
Many teachers unions members and other liberals are expecting the worst from President-elect Trump's administration. On education, some fear the worst for public schools. But one quote should help put the situation in... [Read More]
Becket Adams President Obama commuted the sentences of 209 individuals Tuesday, including an army private who's serving a 35-year sentence for leaking thousands of pages of classified intelligence to the hacking group WikiLeaks.... [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump's transition team asked CNN on Tuesday to retract a story the outlet had published one day earlier about past financial transactions involving Rep. Tom Price, Trump's pick for secretary of... [Read More]
President Obama on Tuesday granted clemency to Oscar Lopez Rivera. He has been in federal prison since 1981 after being convicted of armed robbery, weapons charges, and seditious conspiracy to violently overthrow the... [Read More]
WikiLeaks seemed to indicate Tuesday evening that founder Julian Assange intends to make good on a pledge last year to agree to U.S. prison time if President Obama granted Chelsea Manning clemency. Tuesday... [Read More]
At her Senate confirmation hearing Tuesday, President-elect Trump's selection to lead the Education Department, Betsy DeVos, said she won't accept a salary, assuming she's confirmed for the job. If confirmed, I will only... [Read More]
It was 1953. The Presidential Inaugural Committee put in countless hours of planning and preparation. The bunting was hung, the bands rehearsed, and the big speech was written. As Jan. 20 neared, everything... [Read More]
Canadian businessman Kevin O'Leary, star of ABC show Shark Tank, is expected to run for leader of Canada's Conservative Party on Wednesday, according to multiple reports Tuesday evening. O'Leary, who calls himself Mr.... [Read More]
Timothy P. Carney President Obama will leave behind plenty of populist rhetoric, but his record on economic policy is eight years of corporatism. For two terms, Obama grew the government's role in... [Read More]
A Scottish-themed poem written in honor of President-elect Trump's inauguration spread across the Internet on Tuesday. Stories in places like The Week (which eventually issued a correction), the Scotsman and the Independent led... [Read More]
Caitlin Yilek President-elect Donald Trump is accusing Rep. John Lewis of grandstanding after the Democratic lawmaker from Georgia said he would be skipping inauguration because he doesn't believe Trump is a "legitimate" president.... [Read More]
The Senate Judiciary Committee announced it will vote on the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general on Jan. 24. The Alabama Republican is expected to easily win the committee's approval, despite... [Read More]
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