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While his rivals like Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have armies of 20-somethings and under canvassing throughout the early primary states to help their... [Read More]
Joe Biden struggled to answer whether he could promise the American people that they could keep their doctors under his healthcare proposal. [Read More]
LAS VEGAS —Even before he announced his third presidential run, Joe Biden knew Nevada could spell trouble for him. [Read More]
Joe Biden said children are beginning to make racist remarks because of President Trump's inflammatory rhetoric toward immigrants and minority lawmakers. [Read More]
Larry O'Connor is traveling to Latin America with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for the next several days and will be sending dispatches to "Examining... [Read More]
Hunter Biden and his new wife, Melissa Cohen, were in attendance at his father's fundraiser in California on Friday. [Read More]
Joe Biden frequently reminds us of his partnership with former President Barack Obama. He hopes that nostalgia for the Obama administration will help him get... [Read More]
This week, Joe Biden released his healthcare plan. The proposal aims to "protect and build on Obamacare," most notably by creating a public option, which... [Read More]
Joe Biden continues to lead the pack of more than 20 Democratic contenders for president, according to a new poll. [Read More]
Former Vice President Joe Biden contrasted his healthcare plan to fellow presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and said people would be allowed to keep their private... [Read More]
The second Democratic National Committee debate in Detroit this month will see former Vice President Joe Biden face off against Sen. Kamala Harris again on... [Read More]
Joe Biden on Monday shocked many political observers when he echoed one of the biggest lies of the Obama administration in making the pitch for... [Read More]
Former Vice President Joe Biden said President Trump is a bag of unsupported flesh if he really does "not have a racist bone" in his... [Read More]
CNN anchor John King accused 2020 Democratic front-runner Joe Biden of "sometimes" implementing the "it's my turn" to get the party nomination motto during his... [Read More]
The day after Joe Biden tanked in the first round of Democratic presidential debates, his campaign hired a prominent speech coach for the 36-year senator... [Read More]
Can a candidate who is leading the field by 12 points be weak? That's the question of Joe Biden's run for the Democratic presidential nomination. [Read More]
2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Cory Booker angered an anti-Israel group in recent days for failing to answer the group's questions about the "occupation"... [Read More]
Joe Biden downplayed the importance of his relationship with former President Barack Obama during an interview on "Morning Joe," aired Tuesday morning. [Read More]
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