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It's hard to find people who think differently than you do. Especially at a liberal university, on a tiny satellite campus, in an age of... [Read More]
Members of NYU Divest and the Student Labor Action Movement occupied exits of the Kimmel Center for University Life to track down trustees following Tuesday's... [Read More]
Throughout the course of American history, catalytic moments have frequently arisen, where everyday citizens have risked their lives, careers, reputations and even freedom to do... [Read More]
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Nearly 100 students and faculty packed room 907 of the Kimmel Center for Student Life on Wednesday to answer one pressing question: was NYU Abu... [Read More]
Rose Asaf shows up. Whether it's NYU Against Fascism's protest against an alt-right speaker hosted by the NYU College Republicans, Mayor Bill de Blasio's surprise... [Read More]
Grace Moon has the kind of adventurous spirit that leads someone to ride the subway to random stops and pop out to take photographs of... [Read More]
With tiger-like eyes, in appearance and nature, Victor Leonard has a keen sense for two things: fashion and making connections. He does everything from designing... [Read More]
This year, we're turning Influential up to 11. But this isn't Spinal Tap, and the 10 undergraduates and one graduate student featured in the following... [Read More]
"Education was always like my sport," Brittany Claybrooks said during a First Generation College Students panel hosted by NYU's Robert F. Wagner School of Public... [Read More]
As 450 people gathered in front of his camera, Jackson Tisi, in his signature way, focused his lens on others. Like he'd done many times... [Read More]
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Cadence Daniels is iridescent. She is the definition of poise. When the students at the National Society of Black Engineers Executive Board meeting address their... [Read More]
Juan Manuel Calero Canaval will not take your bullshit. "If I feel like something is unjust or that someone is being unethical or that something... [Read More]
Ananditha Raghunath obsesses over learning. She often takes classes with professors who are known to be exceptionally difficult and wants to someday earn a doctorate.... [Read More]
"There are so many people at NYU saving refugees and changing the world," Messinger said. "I don't do anything. While Messinger — an LS sophomore... [Read More]
There is something to be said about the kind of person who can manage to drag 19 college students from their beds to Queens at... [Read More]
Leadership. Faith. Football. RJ Khalaf's passions are varied, but they all center around his desire to weave positivity into his surroundings. Though his passions don't... [Read More]
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