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Take President-elect Donald Trump, add the rise of the professional protest class, and you've got a recipe for a record-shattering inauguration protest. Democrats, left-wing activists and people who just don't like Mr.... [Read More]
A group of Republicans, Democrats and retired military officers has asked President-elect Donald Trump to abandon President's Obama's soft approach to Iran's "brutal repression" and take a stand that puts the U.S. "on... [Read More]
A congressional committee is taking up on its first full day in session under the Trump administration a stricter version of the Hyde Amendment that would be written into law instead of being... [Read More]
Rep. Tom Price is quickly shooting to the top of the list of most embattled Trump nominees ahead of his confirmation hearing Wednesday as Democrats accuse him of ethical lapses, saying he may... [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump attended a black-tie, invitation-only dinner Tuesday evening in Washington where guests, including about 200 foreign diplomats, mingled with key members of the next administration. [Read More]
After World War II, the two countries whose governments were totally destroyed by the war — Germany and Japan — were the two countries which, upon rebuilding to new order, succeeded best economically.... [Read More]
Death, where is thy sting? For Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, it certainly didn't come from the mainstream media. The 82-year-old former Iranian president died of a heart attack earlier this month. The... [Read More]
I couldn't have imagined that President Obama could do any more harm to the Cuban people before he left office, but I was wrong. With only a week left in his presidency he... [Read More]
Inauguration Day begins a new chapter in the story of America every four years, and the story of the republic thus never grows stale. This time, however, the fresh page is marred with... [Read More]
When are the anti-Trump folks going to get it? They should pay attention and heed the words of outgoing Vice President Joe Biden: It's over. Stop all the talk about how the Russians... [Read More]
Throughout the eight years of the Obama presidency my wife and I have disagreed on the president's abilities. I believed the president was reasonably intelligent but because of his upbringing as an anti-colonialist... [Read More]
The United States is a great nation, but we face many serious challenges that need to be addressed. Two key ones relate to the need to ensure fiscal sustainability and achieve government transformation.... [Read More]
Barack Obama was a deprived child, and it shows. Born on an island in the middle of an ocean and raised in Indonesia, little Barack never had the opportunity to absorb the juice... [Read More]
There's an elephant in the middle of the emergency room, but we're too busy arguing about Obamacare to see him. [Read More]
So-called "12-step" programs are intended to help people addicted to alcohol or drugs break the grip of their addictions. [Read More]
K STREET By M.A. Lawson Blue Rider Press, $28, 304 pages K Street in Washington D.C. is considered a haven for lobbyists, lawyers and doctors, but in this bullet-riddled thriller,... [Read More]
This is supposedly the week of multitudinous demonstrations in Washington. The hordes are getting more media attention than the hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters who are also coming into town. Whether the... [Read More]
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser vowed Tuesday to work with other mayors in pushing progressive policies, including shielding illegal immigrants, under a Donald Trump presidency and Republican-led Congress. [Read More]
Many Fox News viewers were concerned following a recent appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor" by Billy Hawkins, president of Talladega College, a historically black campus in Alabama. Mr. Hawkins let it be known... [Read More]
Talk radio host Laura Ingraham confirmed Tuesday she is testing the waters for a run for Virginia's Senate seat, setting up what could be a marquee matchup against Sen. Tim Kaine, Democrats' 2016... [Read More]