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A Pierce County man who was fired by Mercedes Benz of Seattle after receiving a prosthetic voice box after cancer surgery was awarded nearly $5... [Read More]
"Put your talents to work. Ditch your commute. Love your lifestyle." [Read More]
The McDonald's in Parkland, Wash. is closed again after an employee spotted a dead rat in the dining area. The restaurant got permission to reopen... [Read More]
A politician notorious for her temper, Republican Pierce County Council member Pam Roach dropped an "f-bomb" during a Council meeting.  It was directed at her... [Read More]
A man driving a stolen truck who rammed into a police vehicle and several other cars while trying to escape arrest in South Hill told... [Read More]
A Republican official melted down at a meeting of the Pierce County Council South in Washington state, reports the Seattle Times. Pam Roach is a... [Read More]
The incident happened during an Oct. 5 budget retreat, after the combative Republican councilwoman was angered about being gavelled down by her son, Councilman Dan... [Read More]
An elected county board member during a public meeting in Washington state hurled a profanity at a fellow council member who is also her son.... [Read More]
A county board meeting in Washington state became overly heated when a member hurled a profanity at the panel's vice chairman, who happens to be... [Read More]
A pedestrian was killed after walking into traffic Sunday night near Parkland, according to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. [Read More]
During a budget retreat, Pierce County Councilwoman Pam Roach, angered about being gaveled down during a testy debate, dropped an f-bomb on her son, Councilman... [Read More]
Pam Roach shakes hands with her son, Councilman Dan Roach, after being sworn in to the Pierce County Council in January 2017. More recently, the... [Read More]
Michael Anthony Lee is brought into Pierce County Superior Court, October 5, 2018. He is charged for the killing of his ex-girlfriend. [Read More]
Pierce County prosecutors charged Michael Anthony Lee with second-degree murder Monday for the death of his ex-girlfriend, Ethelyn Rojas. Her body was found Oct. 4,... [Read More]
A Puyallup man has been charged with killing his ex-girlfriend last week in his apartment. Michael Anthony Lee was charged with second-degree murder in Pierce... [Read More]
The Pierce County public radio station that was nearly bought by a Seattle rival in 2015 is moving its studios from the Pacific Lutheran University... [Read More]
This week's Police Beat includes a sports-card fetish, a bleeding landlord and a metal thief. The column was compiled from reports to Tacoma police and... [Read More]
A Pierce County McDonald's had been closed since Sunday after a customer spotted rats running around inside.        ... [Read More]
Today protestors in Pierce County confronted Gov. Jay Inslee about their concerns over the state releasing violent sex offenders into their community. [Read More]
For Pierce County Council, The News Tribune Editorial Board endorses Dave Morell, Marty Campbell and Derek Young in the November 6 general election. [Read More]