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SEATTLE– An idea being floated this week to Kitsap County Commissioners would connect Seattle and Bainbridge Island with a 15 minute drive instead of waiting... [Read More]
A new genetic analysis of Southern Resident killer whales found that two male whales fathered more than half of the calves born since 1990 that... [Read More]
If there was a message in all the glass bottles divers brought up from the waters off Tacoma's waterfront Saturday it might be this: Stop... [Read More]
Grab those sunglasses. Western Washington could see some areas in the mid-to-upper 70s midweek.        ... [Read More]
The Puget Sound Auto Theft Task Force is looking for whoever towed a man's 1964 Studebaker Avanti right out of his front yard. [Read More]
I love getting to the top of the hill, turning around and seeing what lies below me. In Seattle, it is often the watery expanse... [Read More]
Scientists tracked a gray whale for three days across Puget Sound so they could untangle it from fishing gear. Then they lost it in "an... [Read More]
On this Earth Day and beyond, we Puget Sounders should not forget that tending to the health of our planet benefits our economy, health and... [Read More]
Re "Another challenge for Puget Sound's orcas: an inbred, shrinking population": We can help by protecting orcas' main source of nutrition, the chinook salmon. Orca... [Read More]
A SeaTac home that was being remodeled was damaged by fire Friday, according to Puget Sound Fire. [Read More]
These days it seems more fashionable to cast stones and criticize than to lay bricks and collaborate to help build a safer community. I have... [Read More]
I am a Kent resident of two years and a former resident of Covington for more than 30 years who has been actively involved in... [Read More]
The gun debate resonates. High school and middle school students in the Puget Sound area will leave school Friday morning, and rally at noon in... [Read More]
A milestone in Everett as decades of disappointments are turning into progress.        ... [Read More]
Researchers are still looking for a gray whale tangled in fishing gear in Puget Sound waters last weekend, but if they don't find it, that... [Read More]
Scientific data about steelhead migration in Puget Sound might not sound like an exciting topic to some students, but one non-profit is working to change... [Read More]
A University of Puget Sound student was found dead in her dorm room Monday night. No crime is suspected, Tacoma Police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said... [Read More]
Neopets was run by the Church of Scientology, Seattle's "Up" house is safe for now, Puerto Rico is still struggling ... [Read More]
Puget Sound, you're about to be rewarded for your patience: It's going to be SUNNY on Thursday! Q13 News Meteorologist M.J. McDermott says the day... [Read More]
Just two males fathered more than half the calves born since 1990 to Puget Sound's killer-whale population, and few females are giving birth in the... [Read More]