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Not one to allow reason to interfere with his religious beliefs, Lee Strobel accepted every contorted argument that Christian apologists offered in attesting to the... [Read More]
"The only way to truth is through facts. Facts are our greatest weapon against superstition, against ignorance and against tyranny." [Read More]
It's time for America to show some love. [Read More]
Many Americans often proclaim with pride that slavery in our country has long been abolished. [Read More]
When it comes to social interactions, some people pine for the old days. [Read More]
Members of American Legion Post 61 in Watertown will maintain a ban they imposed last year on showing NFL games by boycotting the Super Bowl. [Read More]
Have you ever wondered why we pay so much for our criminal justice system? [Read More]
Despite its destructive nature, an abhorrent mentality continues to draw the defense of individuals who should know better. [Read More]
It's good that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo apologized for his asinine comment earlier this month that a reporter questioning him on state sexual harassment policies... [Read More]
The barren trees of rural New York struck a chord with me. [Read More]
Does inscribing the phrase "Congratulations, Adam and Steve" on a cake constitute an artistic expression protected by the First Amendment? [Read More]
A young woman opened my eyes to the horrors of sexual assault more than 20 years ago, but there is still much that I need... [Read More]
Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, issued this statement Nov. 7:... [Read More]
When a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, the person's first thought isn't always about health, but rather, how to afford being sick. [Read More]
A Syracuse man was trapped in his truck after causing an accident involving five parked vehicles, state police said. [Read More]
Beautiful peak and near-peak foliage continued to spread this week throughout the Adirondacks and Catskills regions, while peak and near-peak colors are increasing in the... [Read More]
The history of our country hit a new low last week. [Read More]
When you look at the process of nominating a justice to the Supreme Court, you see the Democrats on one side, the Republicans on the... [Read More]
As yet another day of recovery began Sunday, there were already signs that a long slog was ahead for towns in Hurricane Michael's path. [Read More]
Case Middle School students are designing a new playground for the Massey Street pre-kindergarten program. [Read More]