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A 7.3-magnitude earthquake strikes off Peru's coast. There have been no immediate reports of casualties, damage or a tsunami... [Read More]
A powerful earthquake struck the Peruvian coast early Sunday. [Read More]
Video shows a mountain lion stealthily stalking a decoy deer, then acting puzzled when the decoy doesn't react. [Read More]
Vieques, an outer island just 8 miles off Puerto Rico's east coast, became a no man's land after Hurricane Maria's wrath left the island without... [Read More]
A new study shows much of the road salt we use in winter ends up in our waterways -- and eventually, our drinking water supplies. [Read More]
A woman was caught in a mudslide while in her car. It pushed her down a road on a hill, but she survived. [Read More]
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With flu now widespread across the United States, hospitals are struggling with a shortage of IV bags thanks to Hurricane Maria. [Read More]
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Salt dispersed on roadways during winter storms is having a dangerous effect on rivers and streams. [Read More]
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A dashcam captures the dramatic moments of a truck crash in a Las Vegas storm. [Read More]
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Irukandji jellyfish might be tiny at just one inch in diameter, but they pack a deadly punch. [Read More]
Maybe this squirrel has a hot date, because it's determined to get to where it's going. [Read More]
A Montecito, Calif., woman describes finding the body of a flood victim. [Read More]
Marco Farrell was standing outside when a torrent of mud and water came rushing down his residential street in Montecito, CA. [Read More]
These are the five worst cities for an active lifestyle, according to WalletHub. [Read More]
Long drought could mean water rationing in Cape Town, South Africa. [Read More]