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Early reports suggest widespread damage and suffering from Tropical Cyclone Sagar, which made landfall on Saturday as the strongest tropical storm ever recorded in Somalia.... [Read More]
Find out if a hotter-than-average summer is in store for your region. [Read More]
A Caribbean disturbance could fuel a stormy holiday weekend in parts of the Southeast U.S. [Read More]
A rather stagnant, wet pattern will remain in place in the East. [Read More]
This typically results in... [Read More]
Burn scars spanning thousands of acres are easily visible from space. [Read More]
Here's the latest on the severe storms that rolled through the Northeast on Tuesday. [Read More]
The Weather Company has released an updated hurricane season outlook for 2018. [Read More]
Those who flew over one part of northern Colorado were treated to a fascinating sight. [Read More]
Despite the cold weather in the eastern United States, April was the world's third warmest on record. [Read More]
Many things have changed since we saw our last below-average-temperature month on Earth. [Read More]
Photos shared across social media showed this eerie sight over the Big Apple. [Read More]
Satellite images are providing a new perspective on the damage that Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano has caused. [Read More]
Two separate squall lines of severe thunderstorms each met derecho criteria. [Read More]
It's day two of active severe weather in the East, this time spreading farther north. [Read More]
This is a long-track tornado you might see more often in the Plains. [Read More]
A massive 78-foot wave was recently measured in the Southern Ocean by a MetOcean buoy. [Read More]
At least five deaths were reported on Tuesday in the northeast U.S. from a fierce onslaught of thunderstorm-related high winds, giant hail, flooding rains, and... [Read More]
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) made their all-time best track forecasts in the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, setting new records for track forecast accuracy at... [Read More]
Parts of Somalia, Yemen, and Djibouti could be affected by a rare tropical storm projected to cross the Gulf of Aden this week. [Read More]
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