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The regents who lead Montana's University System believe the top three executives are doing a fine job, and have asked them to find new ways... [Read More]
A retired Gallatin County judge is stepping in to help with case loads in Butte-Silver Bow for the next few months while there is a... [Read More]
State Rep. Jon Knokey on Friday officially withdrew from his re-election bid, spurring local Republicans to find a replacement for the race. [Read More]
Its towering red sign on North Seventh Avenue painted over in pink, the former Rainbow Motel — renovated and refreshed — reopened this week as... [Read More]
Our campaign has been knocking on doors and talking with people throughout District 71 for months now. We hear often that people don't like the... [Read More]
Click here to view this item from... [Read More]
I disagree with many of the statements, assumptions, and conclusions of a letter to the editor published on July 6, by Mr. John Leeper. However,... [Read More]
First, I need to say that I have been a biker for many years. I have logged a lot of miles in and around Bozeman.... [Read More]
Rep. Gianforte should be held accountable for proposing to unilaterally release Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) from protected status without meaningful public input. He's ignoring Montana's... [Read More]
President Trump is MAGA by applying for 50+ foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago. He did hire 13 Americans out of 300+ applicants, though. Hopefully his buddy... [Read More]
I usually don't do politics, but this is an actual, direct quote from the POTUS speech in Great Falls, made while the audience cheered enthusiastically:... [Read More]
The first two pitches Finn Snyder saw during his fourth-inning at-bat were knuckleballs. [Read More]
The Montana Milk Control Bureau is contemplating a new pricing system on milk that aims to help the industry compete with neighboring states and put... [Read More]
I promise: This will be the last snake story I write this year (Unless, of course, something remarkable happens involving a serpent and I just... [Read More]
Faraj Hasan was just a teenager when his family's home in Libya was bombed in 2012 by a terrorist group. [Read More]
Here's what's new for home viewing on video on demand, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming services. [Read More]
New estimates for Gallatin County's preliminary budget for the 2019 fiscal year call for an increase of up to $928,000, slightly lower than a previous... [Read More]
A judge found that the environmental groups seeking to prevent an exploratory drilling project in the mountains north of Yellowstone National Park skirted procedural rules,... [Read More]
There was no doubt in the mind of Jake Lohrenz that the team would bounce back. [Read More]