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An Allred prison inmate will be allowed to represent himself on accusations that he cut a correctional officer with a razor blade. [Read More]
A Wichita Falls mother whose newborn son and 2-year-old daughter tested positive for methamphetamine was given a suspended jail term. [Read More]
Backdoor Theatre turns in an unexpectedly touching - and funny - play with "Sexy Laundry" [Read More]
Couple married Aug. 23, 1967... [Read More]
There are three council positions and the mayor open on the Bowie City Council. [Read More]
But it's official now. I'm a redneck — Redwing variety, I suppose, minus the Redwings. [Read More]
I appreciate everyone's opinion, but when others tell me what to say and think it evokes anger. [Read More]
In retrospect, the evidence appears to have clearly favored Swift, but these cases never seem as black and white in the beginning. [Read More]
The changes could affect the cost of your smartphone service, the quality of your internet reception and who controls what you view, read, download. [Read More]
Beyond his role in lawmaking, the president has come to occupy an ever larger place in our culture. [Read More]
The Austin Bike Zoo will make an appearance at the Hotter'N Hell Hundred... [Read More]
A Burkburnett woman may not have to serve prison time for having and soliciting sexual relations during an alleged romantic relationship with a minor. [Read More]
Probation was revoked for a woman who plead guilty to child endangerment in March 2016 after she gave a false statement under oath in another... [Read More]
A Wichita County grand jury issued the following Indictments Aug. 17, 2017... [Read More]
American resolve has been tested and has prevailed, at least for now. Kim has lost face. His military leaders and others will take notice. [Read More]
Ten historic ranches vied for the top spot at the 37th Annual Texas Ranch Roundup during events Friday and Saturday, including an old chuck wagon... [Read More]
And, being a non-bleeding heart "liberal," I also object to the removal of statues of members of the Confederacy as a "red herring" issue. [Read More]
The good news is that, in contrast to the situation with other global hot spots, there's actually regional cohesion on the solution to this problem. [Read More]