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A Luzerne County judge issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday requiring Dallas School District teachers to end their strike and go back to work today.... [Read More]
Dallas School District Solicitor Vito DeLuca was on the hot seat at Monday's school board meeting. Several speakers who were sympathetic to the teachers union... [Read More]
Joseph Kralicek is familiar with the devastation thrust on the commercial district of Wilkes-Barre Twp. last week by an EF2 tornado. Kralicek helped lead the... [Read More]
The Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency is inviting businesses affected by last week's tornado in Wilkes-Barre Twp. to an informational meeting with local, regional and... [Read More]
Township police charged three men with trespassing in an active disaster zone early Friday morning in the area ravaged by a tornado Wednesday night. Officials... [Read More]
PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS n Deborah Ann Raniella to James L. Strunk, $114,500; Tunkhannock Twp. n DSV SPV2 LLC to Lynn M. Ross and Tanya M. Cratsley,... [Read More]
DIVORCE DECREES n Kassandra M. Young, Zion Grove; v. Duane D. Young, Nuremberg. n Richard A. Gallagher, Nanticoke; v. Tracy L. Gallagher, Blakesly. PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS... [Read More]
Technology and economics have not cooperated with President Donald Trump's vow to rescue the failing coal industry, prompting him to misuse federal law for that... [Read More]
Scott Pruitt aggressively has pursued the Trump administration's agenda as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, though his slapdash approach to the enterprise has resulted... [Read More]
Sometimes it takes a tornado to make you appreciate what you've got. Twenty years ago, the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza was still being... [Read More]
Pennsylvania has the oldest gas and oil industry in the United States, dating to the nation's first commercial oil well, drilled in Venango County in... [Read More]
About 64 percent of all Americans — 207 million of the nation's 325 million people — live in states where marijuana is legal for prescribed... [Read More]
The Wolf administration took an important but partial step last week when it announced a regulatory regime for new gas wells to more tightly control... [Read More]
In 1992, a new movie featuring a well-known cast was released and instantly became a fan favorite. Most of us would recall "A League of... [Read More]
Editor: The day came when I filled up with tears and asked myself, how did our country get to this place? It was the day... [Read More]
Editor: On June 12, in an underhanded last-minute maneuver, state Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20, Lehman Twp., spoke on the Senate floor and helped lead the... [Read More]
Editor: The Wilkes-Barre Area School Board majority could not be deterred when indisputable evidence of academic decline, impaired security, higher drop-out rates and higher costs... [Read More]
Editor: The United States Military Academy code of ethics states don't "lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do." This is probably one of the... [Read More]
Editor: Forty-seven years ago, President Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency, recognizing "clean air, clean water, and open spaces should once again be the... [Read More]
Editor: I watched all of the negative coverage of our president because he wants to put tariffs on some foreign goods because they have tariffs... [Read More]
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